How to Make Bold, Italic, Strikthrough and Even Combination in WhatsApp Chat

Here is how to make a bold, italic and strikethrough in WhatsApp /WA and even we can create a combination of effects such as bold and italic, or a combination of strikethrough and tilt , or even a combination of all three of these securities are bold, italics and strikethrough in the text or the same word.

A new breakthrough has been made by one of the chat application is already global, ie WhatsApp with new features, we can now give a touch effects as we write on a computer such as bold and italic effects, which may also rarely used is the effect streak.

However, these features seem to have been predicted its emergence as the feature - the feature is greatly needed by the users of chat applications as well as making the writing on the computer and WhatsApp who respond quickly to these needs. We wait for this feature to mushroom on the application - other chat applications. Haha..

How to Make a paper Bold, Italic and strikeout in Applications WhatsApp

Here's how to make a bold, italic and strikeout. To make the effect - this effect does not require any special settings on a smartphone or settings in the application (WhatsApp) needs to be ensured is that you use the latest WhatsApp update. If it has not, to flee through the Play Store app update available on your smartphone.

Let's just say we've been on the interface WhatsApp and we are typing something on a contact or group. For ease, we immediately dismantle's writing - the writing on the image below:

How to Make Bold, Italic, Strikeout and Even Combination in WhatsApp Chat

The following is the text in the image, rewritten by a adding the 'secret' symbol in Indonesian.

*Ini contoh tulisan full bold (tebal)*
Ini contoh *sebagian* bold

_Ini contoh tulisan full italic (miring) _
Ini contoh _sebagian_ italic

~Ini contoh tulisan full strikethrough (coret) ~
Ini ~sebagian~ strikethrough

To create the effect of bold we just need to add the star symbol (*) without spaces between words or text (*bold*)
To make the effect italic / oblique we just need to add an underscore (_) without spaces between words or writings (_italic_)
To make the effect strikethrough we just need to add the wave line (~) without spaces between words or text (~strikethrough~)

How do I create a text with combination effects?

To make the text on a combination of WhatsApp chattingan in principle the same as the single effect, only difference we add a double lock on the desired word or writing. Noteworthy is the placement of the 'key' because if misplaced, if one then the result will not be perfect.

Key Symbols:
Bold + Italic
* _bolditalic_ *

Strikethrough + Italic
~ _strikethroughItalic_ ~

Bold + Italic + Strikethrough
*~ _BoldItalicStrikethrough_~*

To make it easier the following we describe the writing of words - words that exist in the image below complete with the key symbols (Indonesian Language):

How to Make Bold, Italic, Strikeout and Even Combination in WhatsApp Chat

Ini contoh tulisan kombinasi antara *_bold dan italic_* (tebal +miring)
Ini contoh kombinasi antara ~_strikethrough dan italic_~ (coret +miring)
Ini tulisan kombinasi antara *_~bold, italic dan strikethrough~_* (tebal +miring +coret)

When we receive a message from someone who is using the latest version of WhatsApp, their names will appear in bold at the time of notification and papers have been given effect will look. In this version we will also get additional features such as a function to reply to a message easily (quick reply), the ability to select multiple chat and contacts, and solid color choices for wallpaper.

Here is a full review of features - new features presented WhatsApp on its last update. Hopefully this can help a friend - a friend of all and beneficial. Aamiin .. if you still have problems with the implementation of this new feature, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments field below. thanks. #beWiseUser.

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