How to Connect Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro to PC via USB Cable

Having problem with connecting and transferring data from Xiaomi smartphone (Redmi Note 3 / Pro) to your PC via USB cable? a.k.a "charging (battery) only"? You are not alone, and this is the solution.

Actually, this method can also be done for other types Xiaomi smartphone but in this case we tried it on Redmin Note 3 Pro, that's why we make the titles more specific because it has proven successful.

These problems can not connect we get when we have done flash or ROM replacement of distributor to Global ROM. And once we find out that the problem is with permissions for crossing the data from the phone to the PC, or, more specifically, that is on the USB debugging.

Let's Straight to the problem! We go into the steps that Xiaomi smartphone you can connect to a PC.

# 1 Enable Developer Mode

You can not enable USB Debugging feature before activating the smartphone in Developer Mode with the following steps:
  1. Open >Settings in your Xiaomi phone, then >About Phone.
  2. Locate the MIUI version, on the right of the information about the ROM version (example: Global MIUI 7.1 | Stable) tap that text 7-10 times to pull out the pop up note "you are now a developer".
How to Connect Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro to PC via USB Cable

# 2 Turn on USB Debugging

Once you have enabled Developer features, the new additional menu will appear, namely Developer Options menu, and then we can enable USB Debugging from there by means of:
  1. Go back section >Settings Then go to the >Additional Settings
  2. Then open selection >Developer Options
  3. Find the USB debugging then enable the feature (by tapping once on the selection)
How to Connect Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro to PC via USB Cable


Once you finished to enable the USB debugging feature Xiaomi smartphone then you can connect directly to a PC or a computer with a USB cable and you also can access the data stored on your Xiaomi smartphone from PC.

Any Problem?

If still not successful and is still not detected, make sure you have installed the Xiaomi PC Suite (MIPC Suite) on your computer or PC to be connected. And make sure the cable used is a standard cable to connect the smartphone to the computer and not the cable Abal - abal which only allows charging only.

Hopefully this article on how to connect the Smartphone Xiaomi redmi Note 3 / Pro to a computer via a USB cable could help you guys, if you have any questions or problems please let us know in the comments field below.

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