What is and How to Use Second Space in Xiaomi Smartphone MIUI 8

What is Second space? How it function? How second space feature work? Then how to activate and use the features of Second space in its special Xiaomi smartphone in MIUI 8 ROM. Before stepping into the settings and usage let us helps you to know about Second feature.

What is Second space in Xiaomi Smartphone?

Second Space is one of the best features brought by Xiaomi in MIUI 8. This feature allows us to have two separated systems and settings in a single smartphone. So that we can have two WhatsApp account that both active, 2 BBM account active, two major mail are active, 2 active theme, etc. Supposing we have two pieces of virtual smartphones in a single smartphone physically.

If there is a Second space means there should be it’s First space, isn’t it?

If there is a second space means there must be it’s first space.. Well the First space is actually the default system or primary system, applications, settings and all of its contents we use now (before activating the second space). After activating the Second space then the entire setting and its contents that are in the default system becomes First Space.

What is and How to Use Second Space in Xiaomi Smartphone MIUI 8

How Second Space Feature Working in Our Xiaomi Smartphone?

Before you can use the second feature of this space we have to activate it first (the way will be described below). This feature will create a new system, separate early this system will look like a set of new mobile phone without changing / influencing the setting in the previous system (First Space).

We can move from space 1 to space 2 at any time, without having to restart the phone. Simply by entering the password / pattern-lock then we've been able to move between them.

How to enable and use the features of Second space

Here is how to enable the feature in the second space Xiaomi smartphone. Make sure you have been using the smartphone Xiaomi with MIUI ROM version,, or newer.

# 1 Enable Second space

>Settings >Second Space >Turn on Second space

What is and How to Use Second Space in Xiaomi Smartphone MIUI 8

Wait a few moments until the Second space creation process is complete. Once the process is complete then you are in the region of space Second, it looks like setting a smartphone for the first time.

# 2 Go to settings Second space

Once you activate the second feature space then you should do some arrangements about the use of the second space.

Go to section >Manage >Set and you will be asked to make some setting and arrangements about the usage of Second space.

Or it can be accessed from the settings section.
Go to >Settings >Second space >Set

What is and How to Use Second Space in Xiaomi Smartphone MIUI 8

# 3 Create a Password

Choose your >Set Second space password to add a password if you want access to the area Second space. You will be prompted to enter a new 4 digit PIN to lock the Second space.

Or you can select >Not now to skip this step, which means do not use a password when moving from the first to the second space pace.

What is and How to Use Second Space in Xiaomi Smartphone MIUI 8

# 4 Import photos

Select >Import when you want to take photos that are in First space to Second space.


Select >Next if you do not want to import or do not want to bring photos from First space to Second space.

# 5 Import files

Same thing with Import photos, Choose >Import when you want to retrieve data / files from First to Second space. Or, select >Next if you do not want to import any files.

# 6 Import Apps

Also with the application, you can select >Import if you want to take some application from First to Second space. Or, >Next if want to install it independently.

# 7 You're all set! (End)

Done !. Select >OK on the screen when you set some of the above settings.

What is and How to Use Second Space in Xiaomi Smartphone MIUI 8

After clicking OK, the Second space settings will open, on this page you can change or add settings related to the Second space such as Password, Fingerprint, Alert, Data, and other settings can also be seen in the Second space are.

Congratulations! Now you have 'new phone' in your Xiaomi smartphone. For the rest you can explore by yourself about things to do in Second space feature. For applications you can do the installation directly from PlayStore or install manually from apk file that has been downloaded.

What if I want to delete Second space?

If you want to delete second space just simply follow the step on the article 'How to Delete Second space in XIaomi Smartphone' link available at the Related articles list.

If you guys find some problem or want to asked something about second space feature setting and usage, wrote your questions or whatever in the comments below, we will try to help as much as possible. Do not forget to be wise users. #beWiseUser!

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