How to Delete Data in Google Drive when it’s Full Permanently [SOLVED]

When you want to download something but this sentence show: 'Your drive is full, please delete some files or buy More Storage Here "?. Meaning it signifies that you no longer has an empty storage space for new files. Here's How to Remove it!

For user who like to download movies or large files must have or even often experience this situation. Go here and there to find the solution but at the end – we ended up with create a new account because we are dying and want to watch the movie or want install those program immediately. Haha

Usually this happens because the downloaded files affecting to our storage memory allotments in Google Drive. For examples are FileRocks although we directly downloaded from the site but it turns out that the same amount will counted as the file that we have stored in Google Drive, and the result of our free space rations dwindling rapidly.
How to Delete Data in Google Drive when it’s Full Permanently [SOLVED]

Of [14 GB of 15 GB of used] to [0 bytes of 15 GB used]

Do not know were fortunate or lucky .. But when we tried and the data was successfully removed from that cloud drive permanently! What a results .. Now (when this article was written) in google drive storage capacity we have returned to a fresh position, a.k.a empty (0 bytes of 15 GB used), which previously dying (14 GB of 15 GB used)

How to Delete Data in Google Drive when it’s Full Permanently [SOLVED]
How to Delete Data in Google Drive when it’s Full Permanently [SOLVED]


How to Delete Data in Google Drive When it’s Full

Make sure first that you are still logged in with email that you use the email for google drive. Do this in the same browser where you open the email.

1 Get into your Google Drive area

Get to your Google Drive area to check how much space are still available, click on the following link

2 Go to My Drive

Open the My Drive on the page above, you will see what files are actually stored there.
How to Delete Data in Google Drive when it’s Full Permanently [SOLVED]

3 Remove unnecessary (big) files

Delete the file folder labeled FileRocks (if you can find it) because that file that always make your drive full in Google Drive. Also Delete the other data that you no longer need that, or download it first to your computer then delete it. Right click - Delete on each file.

4 Open the Trash area

After you delete those file on the My Drive area, then you need to go to Trash area, when we can delete it permanently.

5 Remove All Files

Erase all the files or folders that are on the Trash by right click - Delete for each file that was there. The file will be deleted permanently.

6 Refresh. Done!

After deleting the files that are in the area it is no longer trash files - large files that makes your drive full. Refresh page (ctrl + R) to see the results. If you have not seen the results, wait a while and then do the refresh again.

To test whether this tutorial success or not, try to re-open the page that tell you that the storage was already full, when it can be downloaded as usual means removal process succeeded perfectly.

Congratulations! You now have a supply storage (storage) were great again without having to upgrade your account or create a new email address.

Hopefully tutorial to remove data in google drive when it’s already full can help. If there are problems in implementing this tutorial, leave a message in the comments field below as usual, we will help you as much as possible. #beWiseUser

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