How To Find Nearest Free Internet Hotspot Wi-Fi With Facebook Locator

Here's how to find the nearest signal from a hotspot or free Wi-Fi signal with Facebook Locator. In addition to the nearest we can also find out the location that have locked wifi or open (free). Beside, we can also choose a place that is convenient for us to go and stay in.

In some articles that published by the world's leading technology sites such as, Facebook stated that they want to help users to find free internet or wifi signals that available around.

Few times ago Facebook announced that the feature to find the internet signal has been launched globally. When it is launched globally means all facebook users including Asia or even Africa can also use this feature.

This feature will be very useful especially when you are traveling to new places, of course we will prefer a place that has a hotspot or free Wi-Fi signal while resting and chill in a café or other places. This feature can also save the use of our internet data plan that we have paid.

How To Find Nearest Free Internet Hotspot Wi-Fi  With Facebook Locator

How To Find Free Internet Wi-Fi Hotspot With Facebook Locator

Before starting to step by step or tutorial, make sure that you have used the latest version of Facebook application. For Android OS (minimum) must use version For iOS (iPhone) must be using version 99.0 at least.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your Smartphone
  2. Click the >Menu button (three horizontal lines). For Android Smartphones at the top-right of the screen, the iPhone iOS Smartphone is in the bottom-right of the screen.
  3. Find and select >Find WI-FI. In the first use you will be prompted to enable the feature. Click >Enable Find WI-FI.
  4. Find location. After activating the feature you will be shown the map where you are located and also the locations where the internet or hotspot signal is located which is marked with a red circle with a white circle inside.
  5. Done! Once you find a suitable location, please go to the place because this feature only helps you find, not to bring the internet to you. :) Good luck and Enjoy!

If you guys couldn’t find the Find WI-FI option, you may need to take extra effort. On the iPhone (iOS) you can find it in the Explore section and for Android you can find it in the Apps section and then click >See All option.

How To Find Nearest Free Internet Hotspot Wi-Fi  With Facebook Locator


  • You can zoom the location or find out more about the place that provides the free hotspot by clicking the location then select >Visit Page and you will find more information from that location.
  • We can also search for wifi signal in other area by sliding the map to the desired place then click >"Search this area" at the top of the screen.
  • In some areas there are location that not match, whether it has not been registered or not updated yet by the facebook developer, so just in case, choose more than one place if you want to go to the place so if you not find it in the first place you can still move to the next place.
  • This feature cannot be used using a computer even using a mobile version. This feature can be be found and used only on Facebook app for Android and iOS (iPhone).

Hopefully this tutorial article can be a solution for you who have difficulty in finding a place that has a free hotspot or wifi signal, if anyone wants to be asked or discussed please leave a message in the comments field below as usual, God willing we will help as much as possible. thanks. Stay wise! #beWiseUSer

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