How to Open WhatsApp on a Computer (with and without install)

Here is how to open or operate the WhatsApp application on the computer without having to install and also by install. Here also you will find how to install whatsapp application on the computer and also how to operate it like how to logout whatsapp from computer / website, view story, chat, notification, etc.

Typing long messages or having conversations (chats) in many whatsApp groups can still be done on your smartphone. But if we can done it using a computer keyboard and also see through a larger screen it will be very helpful.

This has been proven by our team, the team, typing using a computer keyboard feels lighter and less time consuming when compared with typing through the keyboard on the smartphone screen. Especially when our main activity is in front of the computer, it would be very disturbing if we always change gadget from computer to Smartphone or vice versa.

Using WhatsApp on the computer can be done either by this OS (Operating System), Windows (Microsoft) or OS X (Apple).

The main requirement:

To use this WhatsApp Desktop feature your smartphone should use the following OS:

  • Android
  • iOS 8.1 or later
  • Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1
  • Nokia S60, Nokia S40 EVO
  • Blackberry and Blackberry 10
WhatsApp app on the computer, whether using a browser or install on a computer, both are a mirror system or just a duplicate of what's inside on our whatsapp app on the Smartphone, so the Smartphone that we use must stay connected to the internet if we want to operate it via a computer (although our computer has its own internet connection).

There are 2 ways to operate whatsApp on a computer:

  1. Via WhatsApp Web (using browser)
  2. Via Computer Installation (using applications that must be installed on the computer)

How to open WhatsApp on the computer (via WhatsApp Web)

  1. Use Chrome Browser, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge, then open the following address:
  2. You will see QR Code that should be scanned by whatsapp application in your smartphone. Just below it there is a way to open the camera through whatsapp app like example for Android: Go to WhatsApp> Menu> WhatsApp web or for iPhone smartphone: Go to WhatsApp> Settings> WhatsApp web.
  3. Done!. After the QR code scan process is complete then the screen on the computer will immediately open the main page of whatsApp that has been connected to your account. Good luck!

How to Open WhatsApp on a Computer (with and without install)

How to Open WhatsApp on the Computer (via Computer Installation)

  1. Download whatsApp file to be installed from this following official page: Minimal OS for Mac (OS X 10.9 or later) and for Windows (Windows 8 or later).
  2. Mac users need to unzip the downloaded file and then move WhatsApp to the application folder.
  3. Windows users need to install by running (open) the EXE file then follow the steps that appear until the file is installed perfectly.
  4. Once the install is complete, open the application, then you will be prompted to scan QR code. Like the way before, you'll find a way to open the camera via whatsapp to scan QR code from the Menu / Settings section and then open the WhatsApp web option.
  5. Done!. When the QR code scan process is complete then the screen on the computer will immediately open the main page of whatsApp that has been connected to your account. Congratulations!

About Security (Important!)

After you login WhatsApp via computer then anyone who uses your computer and open an application or browser connected to your whatsApp account they will be able to access your WhatsApp account. This can be avoided by logging out (logout) every time you finish operating whatsApp through the computer. It is very easy, click the Menu button (three-point symbol) on whatsApp computer and then select Logout. Done!

What If you Forgot Logout from the computer?

If you forget to log out after you operate whatsApp from the computer and cannot access the same computer immediately, then you can logout your account from your Smartphone, simply by going to >Menu / Settings >WhatsApp web Then select >Logout or Log out from all computers.

Any Problem with WhatsApp in your computer?

If you are still experiencing problems or errors from the tutorial above, please leave your message in the comment field as usual, Insyaallah we will guide you as much as possible. Do not forget to the minimum standard operating system used by computer at least using Windows 8 or later, for Windows users. Also OS X 10.9 for Mac OS users.

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