Android L – All about and Everything you need to know, New feature!
Android L - Everything you need to know
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Android always give their own OS (Android) with the alphabetic name. It’s now proved again with their new OS Android who given name with Android L, some of online site claim that “L” is for “Lollipop”. However, it must be a brand new things that provides by Android team and they claim that it’s the most important update for android user. So, for now let’s take a look closer with this new version of Android OS that is former of Android Kitkat as previous version.

Security Feature
User will able to use the remote deletion, in case if the phone is missing or robbing by a thieve. User able to delete everything on the phone by system even the user didn’t know where the phone’s location. As you may know this feature is similar with the iPhone security feature, user able to set and delete their phone by login to the apple website and maybe this feature will have the same system by setting on the online account in Google database.

Android L Gesture Typing Keyboard
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New Keyboard Interface
Beside that name always related to the kind of food, something that made it be the trending is the new keyboard feature on this Android L and they called it as Gesture Typing Keyboard. On this new feature you can easily type the words with one swipe start with the first letter that you want to type and you just need to drag it in to the next word until you find a full words.

Unfortunately this kind of feature already available before this new OS announce but by another third party publisher. This feature still support only their default language which is English language so you still can’t find your local language just know. So be patient on others update and hope they will available for others language instead of English.

You can easily install this software from Google Play Store and it’s free for everyone. you need to search the application with ‘Android L Keyboard’ then you just need to install it through your phone. The latest update for this software is on June, 29 2014 by Shen Ye. This application also able to run in Android 4.0 and you don’t need to root the system and there will be no advertising on the application. The size of this application is about 19MB.

Android L - Developer Preview
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New Camera Feature (DSLR feature)
Now a day camera on smartphone is almost same with professional camera DSLR, and the smartphone transaction now give a bad effect for the camera business. But now developer able to setting the camera interface on Android L OS because they are now able to set the camera interface become a manual feature like Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLR.

With new ‘Application Program Interface’ (API) allowing the developer to set and add additional control on camera interface. So the user will able to set some technical method like shutter speed, auto exposure, auto white balance lock, flash trigger, color correction matrix, and others technical feature on this new OS (Android L).

Android L - Battery Saver
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Battery Saver and New Notification
On this new update Google also give this new version with better batter saver, this feature could provide 90 minutes of on even when the battery at low level. Beside that Google also give the update for the notification area, user will able to check and communicate with others even the screen is still on lock mode.

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