Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (Military Specification)
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (Military Specification)
In this article you can find the review of this new gadget from Samsung and will make you shocked because it has a military specification and proved with is IP67 certified. The solid architecture and full protection on this Galaxy S5 Active will be notice even we see this gadget for the first time. Waterproof and super protection will be the first image when people look at this Galaxy series.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (Military Specification)When the first time I see this Samsung Galaxy S5 Active on the picture, I just know that the architecture was solid and high protection because you can see the extra lock shape on the phone and it’s not like the ordinary design. Some of their picture showing this gadget with wet condition and there are water on the phone. In this smartphone hard-button on the below part, it replacing the soft button like “Back”, “Home”, and “Menu”.
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (Military Specification)
Hard-button on smartphone is rarely used now a day, people prefer to use the soft-button than hard-button because it shown the modern technology because hard button is still related with the handphone in previous era with keypad built in. so this is a real ‘new’ invention of treating it’s owner to
be more proud in hard-button.

Phonearena said that it’s “like-a-tank chassis”, I think they said the truth because when you see the gadget you will think of this gadget is used by military. The other things that you should know is this Active series is dust proof, drop proof, shock proof, and water resistance in 30 minutes and up to one meter. Samsung provide us with three variant colors that is titanium grey, camo green, and ruby red.
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (Military Specification) 

With the heart rate sensor it would be perfect for you that very active in sport and with no doubt of your gadget resistance to every situation even water on the pool. On the software it will not make you fail at all, with the latest Android OS built in you will go crazy with all his got in performance.

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