Xiaomi Allegedly Sending User Data to servers in China (UPDATE)

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Xiaomi Allegedly Sending User Data to servers in China (UPDATE)
Xiaomi Allegedly Sending User Data to servers in China. Recently there is news that a little shocking the world of technology with the main actors namely Chinese cell phone manufacturer, Xiaomi. According to GSM Arena Manufacturers from China is RedMi Note caught sending users' personal data to a server located in the country of origin is China.

You always had a feeling that Xiaomi’s deals were too good to be true, but you just couldn’t figure out what the catch was exactly, right?

When reading the sentence was sayapun immediately think that there must be something behind cheap prices Xiaomi products with specifications which are always above average. But it could also be just a trick some people who feel threatened its existence a new competitor in the smartphone segment. Everything can happen, but we as consumers should be aware of this and should know the risks of each choice we make.

Okay, we are back again to the subject being suspected Xiaomi tentan this.

What data is sent through the "secret"?

According to GSM Arena user data that is sent through this secret is none other than Users photos and Short Message (SMS) were transferred to a server located in China. According to GSM Arena Xiaomi smartphone will also automatically linked to an IP address whenever the device is connected to a WiFi network and send data. The device will also continue to send data over a 3G connection, but with a lower size.

Other news again this automated system can not be removed easily, even with rooting or flashing the program - the new program will not change anything, you Xiaomi smartphone will still perform data transmission.

Here is a picture that we get this rumor linked from GSMArena

Xiaomi Allegedly Sending User Data to servers in China (UPDATE)
Source: GSMArena
This issue has also become a major concern, especially for the Chinese government, and certainly this news really not charge for Xiaomi they're aggressively amid massive expansion throughout the world and certainly will be affected somewhat from the impact of this issue.

UPDATES: Team Xiaomi has answered most of the rumors related about this rumor is considered that they have done a "sharing" of data by the Chinese government. Xiaomi also indicated only collecting data that is "non-user" on servers located in China, such as handset specifications, emoticons, and other data of a general nature. You can also see the response from facebook account of Xiaomi India Official.

Source: GSMArena.com

UPDATES: Here is the official response from Xiaomi relating to the issue of "tapping" is. (Response Xiaomi Response on Charges of Silently Collecting Data (Private) Its Users)

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