Xiaomi Response on Charges of Silently Collecting Data (Private) Its Users

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Xiaomi Response on Charges of Silently Collecting Data (Private) Its Users
Here is the response from the Xiaomi on charges of collecting personal data the user is silent - silent and sends it to the server secret in China. For those of you who just read the article about this issue you should read the first article about the first part of this Xiaomi issue here (Xiaomi Allegedly Sending User Data to servers in China).

As we promised earlier that we will talk about the response from his official Facebook account Xiaomi Xiaomi India as major websites such as GSM Arena also refer Xiaomi link India's official statement as it relates to the issue of illegal data collection being aired.

Here's the official statement from Xiaomi India that is taking this issue to the question and answer format, we will try to interpret it, nothing is reduced or exaggerated - overstated.

Xiaomi Response on Charges of Silently Collecting Data (Private) Its Users

Q = Question (question)
A = Answer (Answer)

Q: Some of the new online article - recently highlighted the privacy issues at Redmi Note, and claimed that the photographs and short messages are sent to China in silence - silence. Is it true?

A: Some of the articles online is very wrong to interpret a 'thread' discussion Redmi Note inquire about the communication with the server is in China. The article is also not based on an official statement (Q & A) of Xiaom that have been posted by the Facebook Page Xiaomi Hong Kong (https://www.facebook.com/Xiaomihongkong/posts/799059896795602). That MIUI does not upload the pictures and short messages silence - silence.
MIUI (Xiaomi) public data request from the server - server Xiaomi from time to time. Data - the data in question as "preset greeting messages (thousands humor, greeting - greeting holiday and poetry - poetry) dala application messages (Messaging) and MIUI OTA update notifications, all data is non-personal that does not violate user privacy.

Q: Do Xiaomi uploading personal data without I know?

A: No. Xiaomi offers a service called "Mi Cloud" that allows users to perform backups and manage personal information online, such as synchronizing to other gadgets. This form Contacts, Notes, Instant Messaging, and Photos. Mi Cloud feature is turned off in the default position (standard). Users must log - in to their account and manually Mi Mi turn the Cloud. They also have the option to turn off (turn off) for several types of desired data. Use and storage of data in the Cloud Mi very obedient to the existing rules in each country and region. Using powerful algorithms that are used to protect user privacy.

Q: Can I disable Mi Cloud services?

A: Yes. You only need to section Settings> Mi Cloud disable feature. If you want to use a backup service from other providers there are several options such as Google, Dropbox and many others.

Q: Why should I believe you?

A: Xiaomi very serious about user privacy and take steps - steps to ensure that internet service users we abide by the rules (Privacy Policy). We do not upload personal information and data without permission from the user. In a global economy, Manufacturer - China gadget manufacturers have done a very good sales with the International scale, and many of the Brand - very suksek international brand in China - all bentuh violation of law would be very detrimental to the company's global expansion efforts.

Source: (https://www.facebook.com/MiIndiaOfficial/posts/1516675545213678)

Hopefully with the release of this official statement users and prospective users Xiaomi particularly in Indonesia got a little insight of this particular issue. With the existence of this issue will also remind us news about RIM that collects all the data and conversations BBM users to their personal server.

For that the very rapid technological world is very difficult at all to keep our data when they are uploaded to the Internet, whether it has been configured in such a way is still very vulnerable to publish. Therefore wise in using the media - media such as the Internet and other social media because no one can guarantee 100% that our data will be safe forever.

Hopefully the article about the response Xiaomi on charges of collecting data (private) users is silent - still can add to your reference in choosing and using your gadget wisely. If you have any additional information, questions or opinions about the news on this issue you can directly give it in the comments below, can be through your facebook account or with Open user ID below.

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