Indonesian Internet world record investment received by this company!

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Indonesian Internet world record investment received by this company!
You know who the people in this photo? Yup! purchasing and selling sites have recently received an injection of fresh funds from investors who broke the record investment in Indonesia in the world of the Internet. According to this investment also solve recor investment in Southeast Asia, which means also beat the value of the investment in the Internet world Neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Maybe my friends here are already familiar with the site selling this because based on our observation outside the world of internet trading site has also been promoting in national advertising media such as television. Not or ( but this investment record broken by

Yup! Portal sites that are selling this (Tokopedia) has received investment from Softbank (Softbank Internet and Media) and Sequoia (Sequoia Capital) with a contract value reaching 100,000,000 (one hundred million) USD or when the rupiahkan be at 1.2 trillion, not fantastic value! And the value of these investments also beat the value of investments received by companies from Malaysia (GrabTaxi) receiving an investment of $ 56 million.

This major investment also shows that our country has a huge potential in the eyes of investors and Tokopedia managed to convince them (investors) to disburse investment funds. Softbank also reportedly part of the Sequoia will have a place in Tokopedia directors to ensure they remain on track to develop.

To note also, Softbank and Sequoia is known in terms of funding and they -have been investing in large companies such as Google, Apple, YouTube, Linkedin, Yahoo, WhatsApp and Instagram. Then no doubt if the two companies have invested the companies that received funding they will shine like the big companies.

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