How to Change the Font Size on BBM Chat (Simple step)

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How to Change the Font Size on BBM Chat (Simple step)
Did you know how to increase / decrease the font size or text in BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) chat application? Must take screenshots many times to to make a complete archive of conversation? Or you must bring your eyes closer to the screen because of the font size is too small? It is time for you to adjust the font size as you need and definitely make you more comfortable to read.

The actual size of the fonts used in an application have been adapted to the needs of users in general, as there is a special standardization so that the users of the application can comfortably use it. However, the standardization of the global nature so that some user such as in Asia had to make some adjustments again to get maximum comfort when using this application , for example like this app (BBM).

There are two ways to set / change the font size in BBM chat application

How to Change the Font Size on BBM Chat (Easy step)


For this first way is the most convenient and practical. You only need to use the pinch gesture like zoom-in / out while in the chat window of BBM. For more details can follow these simple steps:
  1. Open a chat in your BBM app
  2. Do the pinch gesture with drag two fingers to the different way if you want to make the font size bigger, and drag two fingers to the same point if you want to make the font size smaller. (The same as when you want to zoom-in / zoom-out on a picture / photo)
How to Change the Font Size on BBM Chat (Easy step)


The second way is equally easy from the first way, you only need to go to the settings in the application of fuel and adjust the font size used in the chat as needed. How can follow the easy steps below:

  1. Open the BBM application
  2. Go to section >Menu >Settings
  3. Select >Chats >Font Size in Chats
  4. Adjust font size according to your needs by shifting the point of the panel on the line (as shown below).

How to Change the Font Size on BBM Chat (Simple step)

Done! After you make the arrangements with the automation of all chats that exist in the application of fuel you will adjust the font size. When performing any size settings you will see an example of a live just above the line of the settings panel.

Hopefully this article can help. If still experiencing problems in setting or changing the font size used by the application of this fuel do not hesitate to ask in the comments field below. We will help as much as possible. Stay wise in using your gadget, and hopefully you get the ease of development of this technology. #beWiseUser.

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