Review AirPods - First Wireless Earphone From Apple

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Review AirPods - First Wireless Earphone From Apple
Here is a review of Apple AirPods by Nilay Patel (TheVerge) who have tried it and feel how the apple's wireless earphones in action, ranging from how to work, how to use and perceived sound quality when using Apple's new products.

Apple recently released a new product or exactly complementary accessories for smartphones (iPhone) AirPods, in the form of Earphone / Airbuds wireless (without cable). More specifically introduced AirPods coincided with the launch of the iPhone 7 which is based on information that the iPhone 7 does not have a port (jack) for wired headset.

In the initial paragraph Nilay said AirPods is really - really very similar to the old EarPods, but now do not have a wire (wireless).

Review AirPods - First Wireless Earphone From Apple

The sound quality of Apple AirPods

For sound quality, Nilay does not say much. Just a simple word "They sound fine" to describe what he thought of the sound produced. Unclear whether indeed there is nothing special about the sound quality produced or indeed because of the situation at the moment trying AirPods less supportive to focus on the quality of the sound. Because Nilay also informed that the situation at that time (while trying) was a bit crowded.

Review AirPods - First Wireless Earphone From Apple

How to use Apple AirPods

As an illustration, this AirPods has a small capsule-shaped storage area that can open the lid and serves as a storage and also as a place to charge (battery).

When AirPods is inside the capsule (second place AirPods stored) then to connect with the iPhone (pairing) we just need to open the lid of the capsule and the iPhone will detect the presence of Earphone is wireless and bring up a pop up menu where you may be asked to connect your iPhone with AirPods. After confirming the AirPods will be connected automatically and you can immediately use.

Review AirPods - First Wireless Earphone From Apple

Apple battery life AirPods

Nilay says that Apple AirPods can hold for 25 hours of use. And take up to 5 hours of battery charging mode.

Do AirPods easily fall /loss?

One thing that is really a concern for wireless products are vulnerable to loss. Not because of theft, but because of its small and over again do not have cable so if dropped or tucked it would be difficult to find.

Nilay attempt a test to make the leap - a leap and shook - shook her head to test the resilience of this earphone and Nilay says that AirPods falling.

However Nilay AirPods would not guarantee that it will forever stick when in a state - specific circumstances that requires users to actively move.

Review AirPods - First Wireless Earphone From Apple

Voice Sensor (Siri) on Apple AirPods

iPhone is known for its virtual assistant called 'Siri' where we can give commands to the virtual assistant is via voice commands. And we can turn on and give voice commands to AirPods, no longer need to speak directly in front of the iPhone.

Short video about how to use AirPods by Nilay Patel

In his writings for The Verge Nilay also added a short video about his experience using Apple AirPods this. In this video we can see how the process of using this wireless earphone from the start in the capsule up to the user.

video link (via Youtube):

Price of AirPods

Because this is not included assessories default, additional alias, then Apple had already prepared a special price for those who want to have this wireless earphones. On its official release Apple AirPods at a price of $ 159.00.

Interested to buy it? Or do you have another opinion about Apple's wireless earphone? Let! Share in the comment box :D

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