How to Connect Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to PC via USB Cable

Here is how to connect your smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to the PC / laptop via USB cable to transfer the data on the smartphone to PC or...
Here is how to connect your smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to the PC / laptop via USB cable to transfer the data on the smartphone to PC or vice versa (photos, music, files, etc.). and also connects internet connection to PC. if you've been experiencing a problem in doing so, here's how to solve it.

This method is also used if you want to do flashing, replace ROM, or other things that require a smartphone connected to the computer. This tutorial also works and could be applied to other types of Xiaomi smartphones.

The problem is in licensing for a crossing data from the phone to the PC, or, more specifically, is on the USB debugging that located in the developer options on the smartphone. Make sure that you use the original USB cable from Xiaomi or equivalent in quality to that.
How to Connect Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to PC Computers via USB Cable

Let! us directly to the problem, and solve on how to connect your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to PC via USB Cable.

# 1 Enable Developer Mode

You can not enable the USB Debugging feature before activating the smartphone in Developer Mode in the following ways:
  1. Log in to the >Settings in your Xiaomi phone, then go to >About Phone.
  2. Find "MIUI version", next to it you will find the information about the ROM version is being used by your smartphone (example: Global MIUI 8.0 | Stable) tap that text 7-12 times to pull out the pop up info "you are now a developer".
How to Connect Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to PC Computers via USB Cable

# 2 Turn on USB Debugging

Once you have enabled Developer features, the new additional menu will appear, named Developer Options, and then we can enable USB Debugging by:
  1. Go back to >Settings Then go to the >Additional Settings
  2. Then open selection >Developer Options
  3. Find "USB debugging" then enable the feature (by tapping once on the selection)
How to Connect Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to PC Computers via USB Cable


Once finished enabling the USB debugging feature, then you can connect directly to a PC or a computer with a USB cable and you can access the data stored on the smartphone through a PC.

have an issue?

If still unsuccessful and not detected, make sure you have installed the Xiaomi PC Suite  (Mi PC Suite) on your computer (PC). And make sure the cable used is a standard cable to connect the smartphone to the computer and not the cheap cable which allows charging only.

Hopefully, this article on how to connect the Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to a computer via a USB cable can help you guys, if you have questions or problems please let us know in the comments field below. #beWiseUser

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  1. i am not finding DEVELOPER OPTION on additional setting

  2. make sure you activate the developer mode with tapping MIUI version (as stated above) and you see the "you are now developer" words show up. before that the developer option will not show.
    hope it help

  3. I did all of the above including istalling the suite and I still can't connect my redmi note 4 to the pc in order to transfer files. It only appears as a charger.

  4. did you see the pop up info on notification about connection with USB? first it will shown 'charging only' but if you tap on that info you can change it as storage also. hope it help.

  5. I did everything above and still could not connect it successfully.

  6. After following step-1 and step-2, I have connected my phone Via USB, It was showing device is connecting, but after 20% done showing a message like 'update your device'. what should I do?

  7. seems you are still using an old version of software (ROM). you can update it via Updater app in the xiaomi app first.

  8. Nazmul Islam, one last step: After you connect your phone to your computer and it shows under Windows "Devices and Drives", while your phone is still connected, from the HOME screen, swipe down on your phone to reveal the settings menu. You should see your USB settings. Enable "MTP transfer" and you are good to go. You can now use right-click > Send To in windows to transfer files to your phone. It will even tell you where it is sending it. In most cases the Apps detect the files. Like I transferred a video file and my VLC media player picked it up automatically.

  9. Thanks Xemic. Hope it also help the other with same problem.

  10. Thanks you xemic its working for .. i can bale to connect my device to my pc

  11. thanks for the testimony there :D

  12. I have tried all the mentioned opt. Still unable to connect

  13. Have you try solution from xemic in the previous comment? Hope it will help

  14. direct connect redmi note 4 USB modem from OTG cable. it is possible.

  15. Actually I'm not too understand what you mean but if you are asking about using extended cable to connect it to PC, YES it is possible as long as it connected correctly. hope it will help.

  16. You are welcome Vinoth, glad it help :)

  17. Thanks Dude. It is working !!! |o|

  18. Glad to hear that. You are welcome and congratulation!

  19. Hi there, i am using redmi note 4 and my album pics are not shown on pc when i use usb and how can i transfer the files n picture over? Thanks.

  20. have you try to install Mi PC Suite first before connecting your phone?

  21. I have tried but no used. Any other ways? Thanks

  22. How about activating developer option on the settings menu? have you try it?

  23. Than you so much! I have been struggling whit this for quite some time now. <3 <3 <3

  24. Hi Rindi,
    Actually my redmi note 4 was updated to new version, While connected to the adapter its get charged without any disconnection but while with USB to PC it get connected for 2s and again disconnected and next 2s its get connected and again disconnected,
    I dont know whats the problem! can you please help me out

  25. Since you stated that it was updated to a new version, it could be the reason of your problem, not updated perfectly.

    but other way you can try to use another charger to test it, or sometimes the connector between your charger and electric hub is the problem. hope it will help.

  26. Thank you. It is working after enableing mtp mode.

  27. You are Welcome. Glad to hear that my friend. :D

  28. Hi Rindi,
    I was just given a Redmi note 4x and I am trying to copy media files from Redmi to Windows 7 PC. I followed your instructions to the letter. My PC sees / recognises device Redmi but when I click it, there are no files nothing, I then downloaded MI PC suite and installed it sucessfully on the same PCC but MI PC suite doesn't recognise my device and keep saying NO DEVICES Connected. Please help, much appreciated.


  29. Hello Mai,
    Have you try Xemic step on the comment above?
    I believe you need to try what he said on the comment, just search for 'xemic' on this page then you will find his comment about extended step to connect your phone, it worked to some reader here. hope it will help you too.. :D
    Let me know for the result.

  30. It works for me too, thanks to you Rindi and Xemic. Somehow I missed crucial Xemic comments. This is what i did.
    1) Follow Rindis' instructions, once the Redmi phone is connected (check windows Computer root directory to see if the device Redmi is there)
    2) While the phone is connected - select Settings then Additional settings then swipe down the phone to reveal USB for File transfer-Click this to select transfer files (MTP option)-voila you should be able to access files on Redmi.
    Alternatively, go to Windows Devices Printers panel, select MTP device icon, right click will get you browsing file on the phone.
    MI PC suite still doesn't work for me. Thanks again guys , hope this doesn't confuse anybody.

  31. Yup! Happy to hear that. congratulation for the result and thank you for sharing your experience here, enjoy your transfer moment :D

  32. Hey I own a Redmi 4 it doesn't connect to my pc I tried all the methods described here(01/06/17) still cannot connect it only connects to photo transfer setting but not the MTP setting

  33. hello, i updated my xiaomi redmi 4x, however after the update, the phone asked for my pattern lock password despite of not having one because i used the fingerprint security. how can i access my phone? the phone is also not recognized by my laptop. i need you help badly. thank you

  34. I tried to all but device not show in MiPCSuit, its says update ur device but i have already updated deivec

  35. I did all the above settings but still it shows me to update my device....

  36. I think you are 1 step closer to MTP setting. have you tap on the notification pop up and choose the MTP option?

  37. Hello Eugene, in my experience I just need to put my finger on the scanner as usual even the screen show the pattern lock.

    it's normal when you just updated your OS the settings will set to default, which mean that the USB debugging also turned off. You need to unlock and activate the USB debugging again. hope it will help

  38. Sometimes that error come up, and from the xiaomi forum it says that they are still working to fix that problem with MiPCSuite. Some people says that you still can access your phone file from the file explorer. hope that also help you

  39. Hello Arvind As I said on my previous comment, Sometimes that error come up, and from the xiaomi forum it says that they are still working to fix that problem with MiPCSuite. Some people says that you still can access your phone file from the file explorer. hope that also help you

  40. I recently updated my Note 4 before that i was facing connection porblem when connected to pc it kept disconnecting and connecting again and again. But it also stopped later but after i updated the phone with latest OTA update. It started to freak out even when put on charge it was disconnecting and Now i cant connect it to PC AT ALL. It just charges or worst it keeps disconnecting then too.
    I tried the debugging method No success.
    I tried PC suite No success.\
    now it is fine when connected to charger brick but it only charges when connected to pc too
    there is no Option written "USB connected touch to see options" in slide down menu
    PLSSS HELP its very annoying i havent tried going to Service centre yet that is the last resort.

  41. HI. I did all the noted steps here. After all this, when i try to copy files from my PC to redmi 4, i'm getting an error saying that,"your device may not be able to view or play this file". Please help.

  42. I am not sure whether you can turned ON the USB debugging option but if you already tried all the steps and keep facing the same problem, I think you need to try to change the USB cable (wire) or try it to different PC.
    Hope it will help and let me know for the result. :D

  43. It seems that you succeed to connect your redmi 4 in to PC. and the next problem is the file type. I am not sure that you can ignore that warning, but it might just about the file extension. try to change the extension of the file to a common filetype like from >.mkv< to >.mp4< for video.
    hope it help. let me know for the result. :D

  44. It somehow worked I had switched my phone off and when it turned on i was able to connect it to pc i can see debugging mode on and usb connected option too
    Turning on Debuging mode wasnt working for me earlier but it worked somehow later so ill say keep trying enabling and disabling debug mode itll work eventually

  45. glad to hear that.. sometimes restart the phone and a little more 'try again' could make a different.

    Thanks for coming back and sharing us the result, I am sure it could help the others too with the same case especially. :D

  46. My name is Gouveris Sotirios.I Have already done everything that is written in this article.I have already installed Xiaomi PC Suite , I have done the update (my phone informs me that no update is needed BUT the problem is when i connect my phone to the PC via the usb cable the MI PC Suite tells me that i need to update my device."You need to updateyour device to use Mi pc suite,Update your device before connecting" are the exact words.Please can you help.

  47. Hi Gouveris, Sometimes that error come up, and from the Xiaomi forum it says that they are still working to fix that problem with MiPCSuite. Some people says that you still can access your phone file from the file explorer. hope that also help you

  48. I experienced the same thing as Gouveris. The MiPC Suite asked me to update my phone but there's no update available. I cam see the list of my files on the file explorer but I can't copy files from my pc to my redmi note 4X. Can you solve this?

  49. I cannot connect my Redmi Note 4X to my MacBook Pro. I tried the developer mode but the phone still doesn't show up on my laptop. Can anyone please help? Thanks so much!

  50. Thanks Rindi. This helped me.

  51. Not sure about that but Have you activate the USB debugging option? Sometimes it turned off automatically.

    sometimes you only need to try again, I found that some reader here succeed to connect their phone on the seconds try. hope it help.

  52. Dear Dalida,
    did you also activated the USB debugging after that? activating the developer mode is the way to access on the debugging option, don't forget to activate that. hope it help

  53. Hi, i am facing similar problem. I am able to trasfer pdf files from pc to note 4 but any kind of video file nothing is happening. I am stuck.

  54. Hello Nishant!
    is there any specific type of video that can't be transferred? have you try to transfer /copy the common format file of video such as mp4 or 3gp?

  55. yow thanks a lot man. I was worried sick. I just bought this phone last weekend

  56. you are welcome Parvez! :)

  57. Yup! happy to hear that bro, you are welcome! Enjoy! :)

  58. I have done both things but it's not working but my phone is connecting to my friend's pc

  59. thanks for your comment and I believe we agree now that the problem is in your pc, instead of your smartphone. :)

  60. You are welcome incognito :) thanks for giving back your testimoni.

  61. thanks man :) it helps a lot

  62. You are welcome bro, happy to share! Thanks for your testimony :)

  63. Thanks you help me solve this long time problem. Now I can re-arrange my phone photos to PC :)

  64. Yup! another success result, congratulation there, happy to share with you and thanks for your testimony :)

  65. where can i find mi pc suit?

  66. you can find it through google, just type "download mi pc suite" or you can go directly to their official site >> << hope it help :)

  67. Thank you for helping me

  68. You are welcome. Enjoy! :)

  69. how to view/transfer notes from MI Note 3 to PC? i have the USB debugging option enabled however not sure where is the note section in the list of files on phone

  70. Hello Aja!
    actually we can't tell you where the location is because we haven't exploring it yet. But you can backup all your data using Mi PC Suite and the file will be saved as .bak file.
    hope it help :)

  71. I also did everything but still not connected in charging only shown but on tap no other option shown please suggest I using first time my new Redmi note 4 with USB

  72. I am not sure about that but I suggest you to repeat the process many times, because some of my reader said that they succeed after several tries. hope it help :)

  73. Thanks bro, You saved my time :)

  74. Simple.I changed the cable.Now it is connecting to pc

  75. You are welcome Adarsh, Happy to share :)

  76. that's great, sometimes it come from hardware like we talked on the end of this article. congrats buddy! :)

  77. it Works...thnx a lot i was facing this problem from past 2 months but now solved it..

  78. Yup! another happy reader :)
    you're welcome! I am happy too when my writing could help others. Enjoy!

  79. OMG Thank you very much, I was about to give up, and then I found your page. I did everything you said, including tapping on the charger pop up, and changing it into Transfer, AND IT WORKED !!!

  80. Hi Maya!
    You are welcome! I am happy for you. Great to know that most of the reader here also read the comment section. sometimes we found the same problem and the same solution on the discussions. Enjoy transferring :)

  81. Thank you for your information, now i can connect.

  82. Hi Parthiban!
    You are welcome! Happy to hear that. Enjoy!

  83. I'm unable to view my files on LG tv after connecting my redmi 4 to the tv with the help of USB cable.The tv reads error " unable to support usb "

  84. Hi Sudhanshu!
    I'am not sure that TV could hold the system for viewing files from the phone directly, not recommended.

  85. i have note 5 pro ..
    i can easy to transfer file from my laptop to mobile but i can not my android app in note 5 pro . because every time i can show your device OFFLINE ..error show

    also i can USB debugging enable and lot's try but not success.

    so help me how to possible or how to solve my problem

  86. Hi Desi!
    Let make it clear first, so I can easily diagnose your real problem.
    So, do you want to transfer your app to your phone? or one of your app isn't working?

  87. hey i had redmi 4 my all data is lost can u help me for how i get a drive letter for my phone in my pc to recover the data

  88. Hi Sanjeev!
    I am not sure about that because your data lost depend on what caused it. but generally you can recover it from the backup file on MiCloud. hope it help :)


  90. If that's so, you can try to change your USB cable data to a better one and try to connect it on other PC or laptop. hope it help :)

  91. Hi
    im using Redmi note 4...MIUI Global 10.1.... my phone is not connecting with my PC...when i connect to my notification window a message appear like...,
    One of the USB devices attatched to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognise it....
    I have debugged my USB in developer option in my cell....
    so kindly give me solution...

  92. I am not even getting the notification on phone to change it to MTP mode for files transfer when I connect to PC. It is just charging.

  93. Try to plug the USB on another port, sometimes it works. If not, you may need a new /better USB cable

  94. Assuming that your PC port is still good then I believe you need to change the USB cable to a new/better one. Hope it help


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How to Connect Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to PC via USB Cable
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