Be careful on Website with these extensions (.tk .ga .ml .cf .gq)

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Be careful on Website with these extensions (.tk .ga .ml .cf .gq)
Be careful on Website with these extensions (.tk .ga .ml .cf .gq)

Planning to create a website with one of these extensions (.tk .ga .ml .cf .gq)? Beware because it could have harmed the reputation of your website. or you have read about the trending issues on television at the website with one of that extensions? Be careful because it is potentially a fraud or hoax!

The website address or domain is very important in the virtual world (internet) because it is a kind of gateway or home address, the place of residence owner of the website/blog in the internet universe. That's why a lot of companies or people are willing to spend money to thousands of dollars just for a domain name that they want.

In fact, there are some cases that require some parties to settle matters relating to the ownership of the domain in court. Take a look at Yahoo! effort, a technology company that trying to get a domain name until the court. Read: This is the reason why Yahoo Insisting Want to Buy Domain

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The reason why we have to be careful with websites that have the extension .tk .ga .ml .cf .gq

Domain Registration is all FREE!

Be careful on Website with these extensions (.tk .ga .ml .cf .gq)

People in general mind would want to get benefit as much as they can get with capital as low as zero cents. The reason it is also certainly behind the free domain users, rather than spend money to buy a domain, it is better to use a free domain name first, because when they are not successful with that website, they will not lose any money.

Especially for a website lottery scam, the fraudsters should use the easiest and quick to get money from the victim, and you can imagine if the tricksters have a capital of $ 100.00 then when used to buy a domain, not more than 10 website domains can be bought. However, if the price of these domains is free, then they will be free to change the address of the website without any usage limits.

For bloggers, the TLD (Top Level Domains) domain like this certainly is very sought after, especially for short-term goals (spamming, backlinks, etc.), but when the goal is for the long term we think using this kind of domain will give you a high risk.

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Your Domain is Not Yours

One of the rules that is always stated by the provider that provides a free domain name with that extension is the domain still belongs to them not us, and they could stop the service and take the domain from you anytime without any confirmation, either your website was a great performer or just bad at all.

One of the bloggers I know has shared his experience with this kind of provider, they took his website domain without any confirmation or even compensation, he just knew that his domain was sold to the other customer. When he complains to the provider, they just shut down his account and just leave it without any regression.

100% Positive Fraud!

In the article about the list of fake lottery websites in (Indonesian), 100% or all of the reports received on the website address with that extension .tk .ga .ml .cf .gq always give the result of positive fraud, meaning that if there are ten questions from readers about the authenticity of a website that ends with these domains, then all ten of the website is fraudulent websites.

Used For trial and error or experiment

In developing countries such as Indonesia, new students learn about the Internet, and in general, they still have limited funds to make their own website, besides using a paid domain, the solution is definitely to use the services of a free domain name provider, and eventually, they use the domain as their first website or just a testing website, this step is taken before they will serious and switched to a paid website domain. It is not surprising that most website has low content or are abandoned just like that.

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Bad Reputation in the Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

Price determines quality. Please note that each domain extension has a different price, such as a .net extension is always less cost when compared with the domain extension .com and in line with the price, the domain that has a .com extension is more likely to appear on the first page (page one) of search engines such as Google or Bing (Microsoft) compared to websites that have the .net extension, and a free domain name (.tk .ga .ml cf .gq) certainly has the lowest priority to appear on page one.

It is not possible to a free domain name to have a great position in the search engines, but it takes extra effort to make it happen, if the owner did not have knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then better to think of using other ‘more’ common extensions such as .com.

In connection with a bad reputation, the majority of lottery scam websites do not have a good position in the search engines except for people who did understand the terms of search engine optimization.

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How does it look in other countries?

Be careful on Website with these extensions (.tk .ga .ml .cf .gq)

Although we can not disclose figures, the websites that have the .tk .ga .ml .cf .gq extension in the Indonesian language most of them do not have a good reputation, especially when we are talking about website fraud. Then how in other countries?

After searching in cyberspace regarding these domains (.tk .ga .ml .cf .gq)  there are several websites that have positive content and are beneficial using these extensions (Tk .ga .ml. cf .gq). But some Q&A (question and answer) forums such as and opinions from bloggers and internet experts still recommend that we need to 'keep away' those extensions (.tk .ga .ml. cf .gq) for almost the same reasons as mentioned in this article.

Apart from the importance of the website address (domain), it turns out there are several domain service providers who take a different way, rather - than the lease domains, multiple domain providers even provide free domains for their users. Although there is nothing wrong with that domain eliminating the use of such policies causes some effects that are now felt by almost all the parts related to the use of the domain.

Not all of the blogs or websites that have these domains contain harmful or negative content, there are also websites or blogs that use these domains filled with positive or useful content.

Hopefully, this article is useful and can provide greater clarity for those of you who are finding out about the domain or extensions - extensions mentioned above (cf .ml .ga Tk .gq). If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the discussion of this domain, you can leave a message in the comments field below.

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  1. Lil Elijah
    Lil Elijah
    Sunday, August 19, 2018
    Everyone I know (including me) that wants to make a website uses .tk or .ga. None of us have our domains taken, this is just what everyone thinks about those free extensions. Also the "10/10 people that said that they landed on a fraud page" might just be coincidence.
    1. Rindi Putra
      Rindi Putra
      Tuesday, August 21, 2018
      Yup! You have the point! not all of these free extension are used to harm or fraud on it's visitors. there are some of them that also have good and positive content to it's visitors. thanks for sharing :)