How to Create Shortcut to Easily Open Chat with Specific Contact or Group on WhatsApp

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How to Create Shortcut to Easily Open Chat with Specific Contact or Group on WhatsApp
How to Create Shortcut to Easily Open Chat with Specific Contact or Group on WhatsApp

It's hard to find a 'drowning' conversation among new chats on Whatsapp, isn’t it? Frequently send messages to certain people and want to quickly open the chat but don’t want to search? Here is how to create a shortcut link or icon that can take us directly to the chat or to the desired conversation in Whatsapp without having to search and pass the WhatsApp home interface.

Overtime WhatsApp users continue to grow, from elementary school level to parents or even grandparents almost all have a WhatsApp account on their phone, in addition to its easy use like SMS or phone call like conventional phones, this application also allows us to create groups that can be created and joined by anyone.

The more contacts you add, the more conversations you receive and even send from your phone or smartphone, especially when chatting with friends in groups, some are quiet but some are always active all the time, which forced you to be selective in choosing chat on WhatsApp. Along with a lot of active chat, the effect is we can send text or image messages to contacts or groups that are different from what we mean, in other words, "misplaced chat" hehe...

Well, how to avoid the misplaced? If the wrong one chats in the general topic we only need to add a follow-up message like, "Sorry wrong number". But it will be difficult if the misplaced chat is sensitive data such as Email password, ATM PIN, or other sensitive messages that cost you more than money.

How to Create Shortcuts Directly to WhatsApp's Desired Chat on the Home Screen

Here's an easy step to create a shortcut or a new link for a chat or group WhatsApp that we want and put it on the Home screen.

  1. Open WhatsApp App on your phone
  2. Open Group or Chat (conversation) that we want to open as a target shortcut
  3. Click >Menu (3 circles lined buttons) are generally on the top-right of the screen
  4. Select >More on the popup menu that appears
  5. Select >Add shortcut. Done!

Done!. After selecting >Add shortcut then a new icon will appear on your phone home screen. Check the home screen area or in the app group, the shortcut will be like an app icon with the image that is used by the group or contact along with the same name.

How to Create Shortcut to Easily Open Chat with Specific Contact or Group on WhatsApp

Note! in Creating the WhatsApp Chat Shortcut at the home screen

  • Chat icons or shortcuts that have been created on the home screen can be moved with drag and drop like other application icons, and can also be stored in certain folders along with other applications.
  • As shown in the picture, we can create more than one shortcut chat for personal contacts as well as for shortcut group chat. Based on the experiments team, we made 15 shortcuts and were still okay, and seem no problem to add more shortcuts.
  • The name of the shortcut or icon we have created (until this article is compiled) cannot be renamed or changed to the image icon, the attribute follows the data or image that is used as a profile picture in each contact or group on WhatsApp.
  • The shortcut created is not a new application but only a link or icon that is connected to the same chat source, accessible via shortcut, and still accessible through the application WhatsApp as usual.
  • When you no longer need the shortcut that has been created, it can be removed easily as removing applications from the home screen, if the Smartphone Xiaomi (Android) or iPhone (iOS) we just need to drag and drop the shortcut icon into the trash can icon that appears at the top screen.

Is there a problem?

If you guys faced some problems or have difficulty in the application of the tutorial above, you guys freely directly discuss in the comments box as usual. God willing we will help as much as possible.

Hopefully, this article on how to create a chat shortcut Whatsapp to your homepage can help, and resolve any problems or constraints associated with this topic. Finally, I’d like to say thanks for reading and don’t forget to be a wise user!

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