How to Easily Record your Desktop Screen with its Audio!

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How to Easily Record your Desktop Screen with its Audio!

How to Easily Record your Desktop Screen with its Audio!

Here is an easy way to record all the movements on your computer screen or notebook along with its audio from the microphone or can also audio from the media that you play on the computer. In this tutorial, we will also learn the complete step to record it until we get the video file ready to be sent or played.

Actually, there are many ways to produce a video that contains a recording of the movement of our desktop screen, start by using a media player like VLC and then added using a built-in audio recorder and maybe use other tools. According to our internal team that requires more recourses also more time-consuming. Then what method we will use in this tutorial?

In this tutorial, we will use software that has specialization in recording all the movements that appear on our laptop screen. From tutorial makers to gamers who always appear on Youtube also use software like this, even they are using different brands but the type of software will always have the same features and functions.

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This method requires an application called Bandicam, as we talked above this is not the only application that can record screen with audio, but just by chance we tried this software first and did not rule out any other similar applications (yet) or maybe better. But for now, we will focus on bandicam.

3 Recording Mode

In this application there are 3 types or recording modes that can be selected, namely Game Recording mode, Screen recording, and HDMI recording.

Screen Recording

The on-screen recording we can record all the activities that appear on our desktop screen or PC, from doing making tutorials or recording videos that are being played. We can set the size of the screen to be recorded and also set it as fullscreen. In addition we can also make the addition of marking, writing on the screen live.

Game recording

In this game recording mode we can record the display of game that being played, then we can also add a webcam video as we always see in the gamers youtube video, at the time of recording we can also talk or comment through microphone that installed on headset or connected to the computer.

HDMI recording

HDMI recording mode allows us to record the display outside of the screen of our computer or laptop, this mode video recording or display connected to the HDMI port on the computer or laptop. with this mode means we can connect the camera to record and the recording will be directly stored on the computer or laptop connected.

How to Easily Record your Desktop Screen with its Audio!

How to Easily Record Computer Screen with Audio

Before get to the tutorial to be able to record our computer screen, you guys can get this Bandicam application through Google Search or other search engines. Or you can also directly visit the official website of Bandicam (link will be mentioned in the below paragraph)

In the method below we will provide a tutorial to record on screen recording mode, for other modes you guys can do your own explorations.

  1. Open Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.)
  2. Download the Bandicam installation file here >>
  3. Install Downloaded files (Right click> Open / Run as administrator then follow the instructions that appear until it is installed perfectly)
  4. Open app that installed
  5. Select mode to be used (Game recording, Screen recording, or HDMI recording)
  6. Set the screen to be recorded
  7. Click the Record button
  8. Click again Record button to stop recording
  9. Check Recorded Results on output folder. Done!

After we hit the stop button or finished recording then the video file will be directly stored in the output file (default folder: >Documents >Bandicam). The storage process does not take a long time and there is not even any saving or rendering process as we commonly encountered in video editing applications.

In the recording process, we can stop the recording for a while (Pause) if it feels the process is being waited too long as if, for example, we were showing how to download the file because the download process takes more than 5 minutes then we can click the PAUSE button and continue record right before the download time is ending, or even after completion (downloaded).

How to Easily Record your Desktop Screen with its Audio!

The above tutorial is just a main tutorial in recording activities that appear on our computer screen, the rest of features you can do on your own exploration because many of the features provided in this application such as marking when doing recording or providing notes or add lines like presentation.

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Is This Free License Bandicam wort it?

Bandicam developers provide both versions, free and paid. According to the experience of ri-techno team there is no difference in terms of features, which differ is from time or duration to record, for free license version (free) is limited only 10 minutes every single record while for paid version we can record more than 24 hours.

in addition to the free version of the video will be given a watermark bandicam while for the paid will not be given a watermark and can even use your personal logo as a watermark on video.

If you need it only for personal purpose or simple projects, the free license version is sufficient we believe, because the features provided as same as paid version features.

Is there a problem?

If you guys encounter some error or there is something to be discussed about how to record the movement of computer screen with the audio you can put the question in the comment field below as usual. we will help to answer.

Hopefully this article can help you guys especially who are looking for tutorial on how to record the following computer screen with audio. Stay wise! #beWiseUser!

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