How to Easily Open LINE App on PC /Desktop

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How to Easily Open LINE App on PC /Desktop

How to Easily Open LINE App on PC /Desktop

Here is how to open Line App (application) on the computer (PC / Desktop) and also a notebook in an easy way. How to download the official LINE App or installation file. How to log in or sync with an existing account that is installed on your Smartphone? There are two methods in this tutorial and you are free to choose one which you prefer with.

In this article, there will be 2 ways or methods to open a Line application or Line account on the computer, the first one is by installing Line software and the other way is by using a browser which means you don’t have to download and install it by yourself.

Line App is now one of the most widely used applications to chat or communicate online, especially for Smartphone users in Asia. The toughest rival now is WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Blackberry Messenger (BBM). In addition, the applications that have been mentioned seem to have no more applications that can be said to rival to LINE App, Especially in Asia.

This Application originally comes from the land of jissom, South Korea, and LINE is known as the application that is rich in stickers to be used in communicating with your contact in the app. Even better, in some countries, they use famous people's photos or animation that is applied to be a sticker that can be sent between users on the LINE App.

Opening chat apps that are installed on our Smartphones through computers or laptops will certainly help our movement and effectiveness, especially for workers or people who spend a lot of time in front of computer a lot.

If we are having conversations with 3 different people then if we are not open the chat app through PC then, for the consequences we have to switch gadgets every time a new notification popup from Line. And it will be very time-consuming when we need to switch gadgets many times.

How to Easily Open LINE App on PC /Desktop (via Browser)

In this first method, we don’t need to download and install the application manually, in this first way we can save internet data because it does not have to download the application of Line about 67 MB, we can use it to chat all day. Hehe

Instead, we have to use the Google Chrome browser as a home to run this Line application, also if the browser is closed then the application stops running as well.

Personally, I do not recommend running the Line app using the Chrome browser, the reason will be explained in different paragraphs below. But in this article, I’ll keep sharing the tutorial as a reference for you because maybe there are readers here who are more comfortable using the chrome browser to operate LINE App.

  1. 1 Open Google Chrome Browser
  2. 2 Go to LINE's official website to log in to the Chrome App page. Or click on the following link:
  3. Click the Google Chrome logo (right-bottom of the screen) on the PC / Mac side. You will be taken to a new window called LINE Chrome App.
  4. Click the blue button with the words "+ Add to Chrome" (right-top) then wait until the install completed.
  5. You will be taken to the list of apps installed in the Chrome browser. Select or click the LINE Application Logo.
  6. Choose the Login method as you wish. You can use email, phone number, or QR code scan directly using your Smartphone.
  7. Verify. Usually, the application sends some number as a code to verify from PC to Smartphone. Done!

How to Easily Open LINE App on PC /Desktop

In the experience of the team, you will be asked to verify one more time as you sending chat/message for the first time from Desktop. For further chat activities, you will not be asked to verification anymore.

After verifying then you officially operate the LINE App in the chrome browser, don’t forget to enable windows notification on the settings Menu. Usually, the popup will automatically appear to activate it. Good luck!

How to Open LINE App on PC /Desktop  (via Installation)

This second method is the way that I personally recommend it, although initially, we have to download the file and also install the Line App manually, this method (via app installation) is way better than the first one (via Browser ). Especially if we will use it for long-term usage or daily use.

Make sure your computer or PC is connected to the internet before starting to download the Line app file, the file to be downloaded is about 67 MB.

  1. Open Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, etc)
  2. Go to LINE’s official website to download the installation file. Or click on the following link:
  3. Click the "Get LINE for Windows" button if your PC or Computer uses Windows as Operating System if you are using Apple Products (iOS) then go for Mac Button to download. And the installation file will be automatically downloaded.
  4. after the download is complete, open and install file, and follow every step that appears until the installation process is completed.
  5. Open the LINE Application you have installed.
  6. Choose the Login method as you wish. You can use email, phone number, or QR code scan directly using your Smartphone.
  7. Verify. The number code will be sent to verify and sync between PC and Smartphone.
  8. 2nd Verification. As the first way has been written above, the second step of verification will be asked when you chat for the first time. After that, you will no longer be asked for verification anymore.
  9. Done!. Do not forget to enable notifications for the desktop (if necessary).
How to Easily Open LINE App on PC /Desktop
LINE Lovers

Similar to WhatsApp for Desktop. LINE for the Desktop application also has the same characteristics in that this application is just a mirror or repetition of the activities in your Smartphone, the data source refers to the same place (smartphone), and only we can operate it from 2 different gadgets.

Why the first method (via Browser) is not recommended?

  • If you guys read the first paragraph in the first method section, I personally do not recommend it because of some of the following considerations:
  • LINE apps that exist in the Chrome browser do not have the full features like features that are available in the mobile version, even in the installation version (2nd method).
  • If you want to view the timeline or notes, it cannot be opened directly through the application but will open a new tab using the default browser, this way is quite annoying.
  • Do not get priority if there is a software update. Based on our observation, the default version of the Chrome browser is different from the installation version.

Why the second method is recommended?

  • The application is independent, so it does not interfere with the browsing activity (when using Chrome).
  • Available features are more complete, even nonetheless, when compared with the first method.
  • If you want to see the timeline or notes, it will not be opened in the browser, but still using the LINE application itself.
  • The software version is more updated than the LINE on the Chrome browser, making us as users feel more secure.

You can try it on your own, there may be you guys who are more comfortable using LINE via browser, or some of you are more comfortable using the application with install first.

Hope this article can help you who are looking at how to open a LINE account on PC Computer or laptop. Hopefully, this discussion can be a reference. If you have any questions or experience some error, you can directly discuss the comment field below as usual. Stay wise! #beWiseUser!

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