How to Open Telegram Account on PC / Desktop

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How to Open Telegram Account on PC / Desktop

Here is an easy way to open your Telegram account on PC or Desktop. This method can also be applied to your notebook. How to install the telegram application will also be discussed here and how to login or synchronize your telegram account on different platforms.

Telegram applications offer very strict user data security (privacy), and maybe that's one of the reasons why this app was blocked by the Indonesian government temporarily. Apart from that, this application is similar to other chat applications like Whatsapp or BBM app on PlayStore, which can send messages, pictures, videos, files and also create groups.

Used by the community, activists, and public figures. Secretly, this telegram application is used by various people, especially to create a group chat. Actually, one of the advantages of Telegram is the capacity of the group (members) is very large, up to 20,000 members for one group! Very promising for business or activity with quantity orientation.

Telegram uses a cloud computing system which means that all data sent and received is not stored on the user's smartphone (memory) locally, but is stored on their (telegram) server, this allows us to move around the gadget without afraid of missing files or posts (which you get on previous gadgets).

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How to Open Telegram Account on PC / Desktop

Telegram claims that the synchronization process is done in real-time, by giving examples if we are typing on a Smartphone and then move to a computer, then we can still continue the text that we previously typed in Smartphone (different platforms).

How to Open Telegram Account on PC / Desktop (via Browser)

There will be two methods on How to open Telegram An account on your PC or Desktop, first is using a browser and the second is using Telegram installation file (official).

Here is the first method on How to open a Telegram account on a PC or computer through a browser. In this first method, we do not need to download the software or installation files. Here are the steps or tutorial.

  1. Open Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, etc.)
  2. Open Telegram website for users, or click the following link:
  3. Login using a phone number that has been registered. (make sure the selected location is your country area)
  4. Verify. Done!

The website will send a verification code to the Smartphone with the same Telegram account, enter the code provided. The duration to enter the verification code is very short only 2 minutes. Make sure your phone is within your range when you log in.

How to Open Telegram Account on PC / Desktop

Keep in mind that you are using a browser to operate Telegram so that when the browser is closed then Telegram applications will stop as well.

How to Open Telegram Account on PC / Desktop (via App Installation)

Here is the second way or method to open the Telegram application on PC or Desktop by installing the application file first on the computer. Make sure the computer that we will use, connected to the internet because we will download the installation file first from the official Telegram website. Here are the tutorial:

How to Open Telegram Account on PC / Desktop

  1. Open Browser (Anything)
  2. Open the official Telegram Website to download the installation files, here's the address:
  3. Download the installation file by clicking the blue button "Get Telegram for Windows" (If your computer uses OS Windows, or iOS if you are using an Apple (Mac).
  4. Install File. Double-click (or right-click >Run) on the downloaded file, then follow the instructions until the install is completed.
  5. Open Telegram app that already installed on your Computer
  6. Log in using your phone number (make sure the location is set to your country)
  7. Verify. Done!
As with opening a Telegram account on the website, in this method you are also required to verify the login, before it can fully operate the application.

With this method, the application does not depend on other applications such as the browser, so it will not interrupt your browsing activity and you will also avoid 'unintentionally closed the browser.

How to Open Telegram Account on PC / Desktop

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Why use Telegram for Desktop (Computer)?

In addition to the efficiency considerations for office workers, please note that Telegram the application does not set the maximum file size or duration of the video to be sent or received so it will be very useful if we are sending files with large size directly through the PC.

With this method, we can do work efficiently because we are no longer busy with switching gadgets when we are chatting with many contacts in telegram.

Hopefully this article could help you guys who are looking for a tutorial on How to install or open a Telegram account via computer or laptop. If you have a problem or something to asked, please put your question in the comment field below as usual. Stay wise! #beWiseUser!

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