Xiaomi Mi 5 Review: The Advantages and Weaknesses

Xiaomi Mi 5 Review: The Advantages and Weaknesses

Here is a Review of the Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone along with the specifications that can be used as consideration for us as prospective customers. Does this Xiaomi Mi5 have good camera quality? What are the features available in this Xiaomi mobile phone? Find the answers on the following explanation summarized by RindiTech team.

The number of series of Xiaomi smartphones makes the consumers can choose various types, including this Xiaomi Mi5. Smartphones with reasonable price and quality that is the same as high-end smartphones in the other brand. Many advantages are obtained from this smartphone (Xiaomi Mi5).

In this article, we will not only find the advantages of the Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone but also we must know what are the weaknesses. Because by knowing what are the advantages and weaknesses then we can decide whether have it or not on this Xiaomi smartphone.

The Advantages of Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone

Here are some good things or advantages we need to know about the Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone. The following list was created specifically by the rinditech team based on data that we collected from various sources. Here's the list which will be explained one by one in the next paragraph.

  1. Design Classy
  2. Gorilla glass screen 4
  3. Camera Equipped with Sapphire Crystals
  4. Long Battery Life
  5. Maximum Connectivity
  6. Latest Operating System
  7. Complete Features
  8. Reasonable Prices

Classy Design

The design of the Xiaomi Mi5 is very elegant and fits our hand. It can be said that the design of this smartphone is good. An elegant design with a variety of color options will be a special attraction for this smartphone. There are 4 color choices that they offer, they are available in black, white, gold, and ceramic colors.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Review: The Advantages and Weaknesses

Gorilla Glass 4 Screen

This smartphone screen has a mid-end size of a smartphone, 5.15 inches. The resolution is 1080x1920 pixels with a 428-inch screen density. Screen using the corning gorilla glass 4 adds attraction to the smartphone in its class. Stunning display sharpness is one of the characteristics of this smartphone.

Sapphire Crystal Camera

If we love to take selfie pictures or document everything then this smartphone is the answer. The Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone uses a 4 MP resolution for the front camera. While the rear camera size 16 MP and coated with sapphire crystal glass.

Long Battery Life

Who said that Android smartphone are consumed in the battery. Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone has an amazing battery capacity. The battery used on this smartphone is Li-Po 3000mAh and is able to survive for 18 hours 19 minutes. Of course for the size of android durability is really fantastic. Therefore, if our activities are so busy then no need to worry or think about the battery life. The battery on this phone is non-removable so it cannot be removed.


Maximum Connectivity

The connectivity for this smartphone is compatible with the 4G LTE network. In addition dual-sim cards are also available in this Xiaomi series. So you can have efficiency in the number of smartphones that you need to bring along.

Latest Operating System

With the Marshmallow v6.0 android operating system and can still be upgraded to a newer of android version 7.0 (Nougat). Operating System Nougat or android version 7.0 is the latest version released android, although later there is version 8.0 or Oreo seems the Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone will not be difficult to get upgraded to the Oreo version.

In the actual operating system, Xiaomi already has its own custom OS that is often called MIUI and on this smartphone, Xiaomi applying the latest custom OS that is MIUI 9.1

Xiaomi Mi 5 Review: The Advantages and Weaknesses

Complete Features

Xiaomi Mi5 also features a fingerprint scanner that we think is still more secure when compared to face recognition features used by other brands. In addition to standard features of the smartphone, Xiaomi Mi5 also has an infrared port (infrared) that can be used to replace the remote Television, AC, Projector, etc.

Reasonable Price

In the price, the section is still debatable but if we compare similar products owned by other brands, with the quality and specifications described on the Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone then the price is very acceptable.

The price offered in the market is about USD 350 with 3 GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. For other capacity options, there is 64 GB with 3 GB of RAM labeled Prime edition then there is 128 GB with 4 GB RAM labeled in Pro edition.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Review: The Advantages and Weaknesses

Weakness of Xiaomi Mi5

The weakness of this smartphone is not too much. It's just that excessive use can cause the temperature of smartphones to heat up quickly. So we have to pause a few moments to make it normal again. The screen resolution is still on full HD.

And please note also that there is no micro SD slot on this smartphone. Non-removable batteries will also make it difficult if you get a problem. Because to replace the price is also fairly expensive.

With some reviews about the advantages and also the disadvantages then we can consider having a smartphone or not. However, the product is made there must be a shortage and also the advantages. Hopefully, a review of the Xiaomi Mi5 can be a reference for you guys who are considering buying or replacing smartphones for comparison.

Hopefully, this article on Smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 Review about its weakness and its advantages can provide you some value. If you have any questions or suggestions please put them in the comments field below as usual. Thanks, and keep being a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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