Bezel-Free Kit ASUS ROG Reflector Between Monitors

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Bezel-Free Kit ASUS ROG Reflector Between Monitors
Bezel-Free Kit from ASUS ROG is able to make a bezel between monitors like "disappear".

Often use more than 1 monitor? The ASUS Bezel-Free Kit allows the monitor screens to really look like a very large monitor.

The Bezel-Free Kit was introduced by ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers), a sub-brand from ASUS that is familiar to gamers and also video editors who require computers with above-average specifications.

In recent years ASUS has been intensively developing high-end computers and laptops, as evidenced by the launch of several new series of well-known high-end specifications.

Bezel-Free Kit ASUS ROG Reflector Between Monitors

In addition to laptops and computers, at the accessories part of ASUS is not left behind. ASUS introduced its new accessories called BEZEL-FREE KIT which we will discuss here.

The Bezel-Free Kit was first introduced by ASUS at the 2018 International CES (Consumer Electronic Show) year title at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, USA.

ASUS Bezel-Free Kit is shaped like a bookmark. On the information we get from The Verge page this tool works best on monitor monitors with the angle between monitors is 130-degrees.

It is not known whether these reflectors can work at different angles, but to maximize the gameplay experience, it is best to keep it at 130 degrees.

Bezel-Free Kit ASUS ROG Reflector Between Monitors
Without Bezel-Free Kit
Bezel-Free Kit ASUS ROG Reflector Between Monitors
With Bezel-Free Kit

In accordance with the type of tool (reflector), ASUS Bezel-Free Kit can make images from both screen like blending. Reflects the image and light between the monitors so that the two images appear together.

The expected effect of using this Bezel-Free Kit is that we, as users, are using a large curved screen.

The Bezel-Free Kit does not require any power or software to work, pure work because of materials and designs that are intended to be light reflectors.

Bezel-Free Kit ASUS ROG Reflector Between Monitors
Bezel-Free Kit (ASUS ROG)

An ASUS spokesperson has confirmed that the Bezel-Free Kit can be used on many types and brands of monitors, provided the monitors have a thin bezel.

In the video shared by The Verge, the Bezel-Free Kit makes 3 pieces of the same size monitor look like a super wide curved monitor.

Installation and removal of the tool looks very easy, we just need to pair the clips at both the top and bottom between 2 monitors.

Bezel-Free Kit ASUS ROG Reflector Between Monitors

Bezel-Free Kit Asus ROG is only for gamers?

When viewed from the introduction (ASUS ROG & International CES website) it seems that this accessories is intended for gamers who often use 3 pieces of monitor in playing the game.

No wonder that in the simulations shown some technology sites use the game to show that their screen display has changed.

Bezel-Free Kit ASUS ROG Reflector Between Monitors
The Verge

Bezel-Free Kit Asus ROG Not 100% smooth

In the demonstration of this tool does make the bezel between the monitor is not visible, but this does not necessarily make the display screen fused one hundred percent. There is still a little line spotted between the two monitors.

Despite the shortcomings and advantages offered by the ASUS ROG (Bezel-Free Kit), this tool remains reliable especially by gamers with widescreen gameplay.

In terms of concept and application, this tool will have an integral role for gamers.

Bezel-Free Kit ASUS ROG Reflector Between Monitors
The Verge

We believe that in the near future there will be many such tools on the market, and certainly with the quality, technology and also the varied prices that we can choose.

Discussion and questions Bezel-Free Kit?

If you have your own opinions about this tool or the question about Bezel-less kit from ASUS ROG, just post a question in the comment field. Stay wise! #beWiseUser!

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