How to Watch Movie with Subtitles Text Translate on Your Phone

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How to Watch Movie with Subtitles Text Translate on Your Phone
How to Watch Movie with Subtitle Text Translate on Your Phone

This is how to watch movies with subtitles so that subtitles or text translation appear when playing videos or movies on your phone. with this tutorial, we can play videos and at the same time translate shows automatically.

Watching videos or movies on a laptop or PC at home is common and maybe often, but what if we want to watch it on our own cellphone? Especially when the film comes with abroad language.

Even though we know a little about that abroad language but to watch movies sometimes we need a little help from the subtitles because sometimes the key to the film's story is in conversations that we might not know what it means. Therefore we sometimes need to watch movies with subtitles.

Unfortunately the default smartphone music application or player, especially Android smartphones, does not support the addition of subtitles. Even though the file name has been adjusted or put into the same folder it will still not be displayed because the video player system is not prepared for it.

Then what is the solution ??

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How to Watch Movie with Subtitle or Text Translate on Your Phone

So to watch movies with subtitles or translate videos that we play on cellphones or smartphones, we must have another video player. Just relax, the application or video player that we will use are all free.

  1. Prepare the video file or movie that will be played along with the subtitle (the same filet as the subtitles usually used on PC / laptop, .srt file type)
  2. Put the video and subtitle files into the same folder
  3. Rename the subtitle file so that it matches the name of the video file exactly. for example the video file named "Batman Season01 Episode02.mp4" and the subtitle file is still called "", you must rename the subtitle file to "Batman Season01" exactly like the video name except the filetype (.mp4 .srt .mkv) .etc)
    How to Watch Movie with Subtitle Text Translate on Your Phone
  4. Move the folder containing the video and subtitles into your phone memory (save it in the internal or external memory). It can also be stored on an OTG flashdisk.
  5. Download and install the "MX Player" application from Playstore (actually, there are many similar applications like VLC for Android, but only the MX Player application that we had tried).
    How to Watch Movie with Subtitle Text Translate on Your Phone
  6. Open the MX Player application.
  7. Search and select the video that has been prepared, then Play
  8. Subtitles will automatically appear because we have set it to be detected automatically by the application. Finished!

If we have changed the name of the existing subtitle file and likened it to the name of the video file in the same folder, the subtitle should be read by the system in the application and appear automatically. but what if it doesn't appear ??

Sometimes subtitles don't fit with the video being played. This problem can be overcome by adjusting the speed or speed of the appearance of the subtitle manually in the Menu >Subtitles >Speed ​​section of the MX Player application.
How to Watch Movie with Subtitle Text Translate on Your Phone

Why does the subtitle still not appear when the video has been played ??

  • The name of the video file and subtitle file are not the same. must be exactly the same as spaces, signs, numbers, etc. except extensions (.mp4, .srt, .mkv, etc.). the solution can be tried by choosing subtitles manually from the application. When the video is playing, click Menu >Subtitles >Open >Select the subtitle file that has been prepared.
    How to Watch Movie with Subtitle Text Translate on Your Phone
  • Subtitles and video timings are not suitable or different versions, for example, HDCAM version subtitles are used for BlueRay, or other versions randomly. the solution can be by speeding up (or slowing down) from the Menu >Subtitles >Speed.
  • The system on the smartphone does not support it. the solution can be done by updating the software / OS first.
  • Etc. other factors that may be rarely experienced by most users.

Hopefully, tutorials or ways to watch videos with subtitles on this phone or smartphone can help friends. if there are questions or steps that are not clear, please ask the comments column below as usual.

Keep being a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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