Price of the Spotify Service Might Increase

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Price of the Spotify Service Might Increase
Price of the Spotify Service Might Increase
Love listening to music? Ever heard of Spotify? Certainly yes. Nearly everyone who has a smartphone and likes to listen to music, even though they have never used it, knows what the Spotify application is. The price of the Spotify service might go up in some countries, Indonesia?

Yup, we have news that can reduce the contents of your wallet, again. But not for a short time, because it is reported that Spotify is testing the market, not with new technology or features, but with the price of Spotify services.

As we know until now Spotify still recorded negative results for their financial statements. A little strange because now Spotify is still a champion in terms of active users.

But it looks like Spotify also needs some adjustments so their business can survive.

Spotify is reportedly trying to increase prices on their music subscription plans, as reported by Bloomberg some time ago. This news also quickly spread on several music websites and world technology such as Mashable, Billboard, etc.

Price of the Spotify Premium for Family Service

As reported by Bloomberg, Spotify plans to increase the price of their family package (Premium for Family) by 13%.

The amount of the increase in the price of the Spotify service seems not to have been officially established and it is not yet known whether the increase will bring new features or just a price increase with existing features.

According to reports, Spotify began tests in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) and countries in northern Europe.

These countries were chosen for the following two reasons: The first reason is that the Spotify company is indeed from there and the second reason they have the strongest number of users in the region.

As reported, the Spotify Premium price for family packages in Scandinavian countries is $ 15 / month or equivalent to IDR 210,000 / month for 5 users. If the price of the Spotify Service goes up, they will have to pay $ 16.95 / month or equivalent to IDR 237,000 / month.

The decision of the price of the Spotify service for an increase will be determined by how well the test or test results are in their home country.

Exploitation of Spotify Family Package Service Prices

The decision to carry out this test may be due to the fact that many of Spotify Premium for Family users do not actually buy for the family but actually for others.

Spotify also knows this, and that is why they tried to apply geolocation authentication some time ago to identify whether family members actually live in the same house.

The test actually got a reaction because some family members also didn't live together and it seemed that Spotify couldn't do much about it.

How about in Indonesia?

Spotify usually has a tendency to test various features in different markets to see its response. The same is true with pricing, they will do so based on market conditions in each region or country.

As we know the price of Spotify Premium for Family in its home country now is around $ 15 / month or equivalent to IDR 210,000 / month for 5 users.

In Indonesia the price of the package is much cheaper, Spotify Premium for Family in Indonesia is only IDR 79,000 / month or if changed to USD around $ 5.65 / month for 5 users. This price is almost a third of the price in Scandinavia.

When viewed from these prices it seems that countries in Asia such as Indonesia have much cheaper prices that deserve to get price increases. But it seems that Spotify has different calculations.

Uncertain Price Increase

Spotify price increases might not happen, or maybe even go down in some countries, it could. To be sure, however the results of the test later, we must always be prepared to pay an increase of up to 13% of what we pay now.

Spotify also has other problems related to the nature of the company's business. Currently, the only Spotify product is selling music streaming services.

Unlike Apple Music and Google Play Music, the two technology companies have other products to gain additional benefits such as selling smartphones and other services to maintain their business.

What do you think of the current Spotify service prices? is it worth getting an increase? or you still use the free Spotify service?

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