How to enter BIOS automatically Without Restart the Computer Manually

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How to enter BIOS automatically Without Restart the Computer Manually
How to enter BIOS without restart the computer

Here is how to enter the bios without restarting the computer. In this way, you can enter or open bios settings without having to restart manually from a computer. With this setting, you can automatically enter the BIOS after the system restarts.

Sometimes it is difficult to enter the BIOS through restart - it's easy, and sometimes it is missed or maybe too fast. Or indeed there are problems in the settings in the system that prevents us from entering the BIOS settings through restarting the computer/laptop.

As we know the BIOS page on the computer is very important and maybe the main window to enter the computer system in detail. Therefore the BIOS settings become the main place for technicians to repair computers or laptops that are in trouble.

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Security Settings

Have you pressed the buttons (Esc, F2, Del, etc.) according to the command but never managed to enter the BIOS? Maybe there really are settings that need to be changed before entering the BIOS via manual restart as usual.

Usually, we have to press a button like ESC, F2, or Delete, according to the respective computer settings. This way you don't need to do it anymore because you can set the system to automatically enter the BIOS without having to restart the computer manually.

Simply put we set or order the computer or laptop to directly open or enter the BIOS without restarting the computer manually. Let the computer restart itself, and enter the bios itself (automatically).

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How to enter BIOS without restart the computer

This method we practice through a PC with OS Windows 10, if you use Windows 8 or even Windows 7, please read first to complete the steps or tutorial. If you have started to understand please practice because there might be some differences in appearance.

Or if you are still hesitant to follow the tutorial on this page, please use the tutorial that has been specifically Windows 7 or Windows 8 via the Google search engine as usual. But if you want to keep trying it, please follow the steps below carefully.

  1. Click >Start
  2. Go to Section >Settings
  3. Find and open >Update & SecurityHow to enter BIOS without restart the computer
  4. Open the menu >Recovery
  5. In the Advance startup section, select >Restart now. The computer will restart to enter recovery modeHow to enter BIOS without restart the computer
  6. In recovery mode, select and open >Troubleshoot.
  7. Select >Advance option. the advance option page will open
  8. Find and select >UEFI Firmware Settings
  9. Click / Select button >Restart. The computer will restart and automatically enter the BIOSHow to enter BIOS without restart the computer
  10. It's done! Wait for the restart process and the system will open the BIOS settings.

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Secure Boot

After you enter the BIOS settings, we recommend that you immediately change the security settings in the BIOS so that the system does not close BIOS access through a manual restart.

Look for the Secure Boot setting in the BIOS settings then change the setting to > Disabled so that you can enter the BIOS from the normal restart path. This is one of the reasons why you cannot enter BIOS settings through a regular restart.

After you finish using the BIOS settings, you can change the secure boot settings again to> Enabled again so that not just anyone or just any user can change the system in your BIOS.

Hopefully, this article on how to enter the BIOS without restart is useful, if you experience problems or have questions please save it in the comments column. Stay a wise user! #beWiseUser !.

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    Wednesday, January 26, 2022
    If after the restart you're stuck with a blank screen and it never enters BIOS or anything else, even after multiple restarts, what then?
    1. Rindi Putra
      Rindi Putra
      Wednesday, January 26, 2022
      IT depend, but for the starter you can try to reset the CMOS by remove the battery on motherboard and put it back. Also you may check your RAM health, try remove the RAM or replace with another one to check it.
  2. Raj
    Thursday, January 28, 2021
    Ok so this is what is meant by accessing the Bios from Windows. Damn. I heard of these new Bios like 6 years ago(now its the standard) where you could access it from the windows. I always assumed is that there would be a menu where you could go into the life bios changed settings and then restart it with the new settings.
    But I see now what this actually means.
    I just hope that I am able to see the Bios through this method on the Monitor attached to my laptop.
    When I boot my Laptop for some reason I don't see the Bios and start screen on my monitor by the time my monitor turns on its already in the login screen.
    I replaced my desktop with a laptop but even the 17.3 inch screen seems small and the full size keyboard on the laptop still feels cramped. So I have put my laptop under my monitor stand and connected a keyboard mouse and monitor to it.
    Use it like a desktop.
    Only one problem I have to pull it out every time I want to boot it.
    With all 3 peripherals attached and another 2 external hard drives it is quite a task to do it without putting stress on anything.
    So I wanted to set up boot my keyboard and for that I needed to enter the bios. So I thought let mess if there is anyway to enter it from OS.
    Anyways I already knew this But thanks cause now I am more clear on what this actually means.
    1. Rindi Putra
      Rindi Putra
      Thursday, January 28, 2021
      Yes, most of tech person must be familiar with this one. I just want to share this for my reminder and if someone somewhere find this helpful that would be the bonus for me.

      sometimes it's hard to enter the bios direct from restart, it's like a reaction game, if we missed the time, we need to restart again and it takes time.

      thanks for your input mate, I see your problem is a bit technical there, hope you find some better alternative way for that. good luck!
  3. Rickey
    Monday, January 11, 2021
    Title: "How to enter BIOS without restart the computer"
    Content: "Click / Select button >Restart. The computer will restart and automatically enter the BIOS"

    1. Rindi Putra
      Rindi Putra
      Tuesday, January 12, 2021
      In some cases, when restarting PC the option to enter bios before it load the drive (OS) is disabled. So no mater how many times you restart the computer it won't load to BIOS. That's why I made this tutorial to show the alternative way to enter the bios. I'm sorry if this tutorial didn't works for you but in several times, this tutorial works to me.
    2. Raj
      Thursday, January 28, 2021
      I also thought that at first the title seems misleading. But normally we have to restart the system to enter the bios. So you restart windows when its booting you enter the bios.
      here you do it without restarting. Yeah but it still restarts tricky play of words.
      But if there was a way to enter bios without restarting then the article would have to be named "enter bios without restarting at all" :-P
    3. Billy Brown
      Billy Brown
      Wednesday, July 07, 2021
      I said the same thing