iPhone 11 Pro - Apple Focus on the Camera and Screen

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iPhone 11 Pro - Apple Focus on the Camera and Screen
iPhone 11 Pro - Apple Focus on the Camera and Screen
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Finally, the latest generation of Apple's smartphone has been introduced, the iPhone 11 Pro. From some basic reviews of YouTubers and also official releases directly from Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro has 2 main focuses, namely the quality of the camera and the quality of the screen (screen).

3 cameras that are deliberately placed do not line up like smartphones - other smartphones also steal attention. It does not only steal the attention. But it becomes the main cover or picture that is shown by almost all media, both on websites and cover videos on YouTube.

With the introduction of the iPhone 11 Pro, it also indirectly reduces the burden of the iPhone X as the best iPhone owned by Apple. You could say the iPhone X is always an easy target when new flagship smartphone products emerge.

This iOS-based iPhone phone is always used as a comparison when other flagship phones appear with Android OS like Samsung, Google Pixel, Sony, etc. And often the iPhone cellphone becomes a mockery in some parts. Then what about the iPhone 11 Pro?

Glass for 3 cameras

iPhone 11 Pro - Apple Focus on the Camera and Screen

As we know, the iPhone 11 Pro is equipped with three cameras that are covered by a thin sheet of glass. Why glass? Isn't the glass easily broken when there is a collision or friction? Moreover, the glass looks thin when seen at a glance.

Questions - questions above also certainly arise among technology observers, how Apple can make a glass to be suitable for installation in a smartphone and protect an important part, namely the camera.

It turns out the key is in the coating process that they apply. In a statement on Apple's website states that one sheet of glass that is mounted on the cameras has undergone several coating processes.
Precision milled from a single sheet of glass
Dual ion-exchange process for added strength
No more details were mentioned about the process, but Apple added they also carried out a dual ion-exchange process to add strength to the glass. With this process Apple looks very sure of the durability of the protective glass.

Stainless Steel Frame

iPhone 11 Pro - Apple Focus on the Camera and Screen

Apple also chose stainless steel as the basis for making the iPhone 11 Pro, which was introduced in September 2019.

It is reasonable if Apple chooses sturdy materials such as stainless steel. On the outer portion of the smartphone Apple still chooses glass material that feels very vulnerable to being scratched or even broken.

However Apple must have thought carefully about the choice of material or materials to be used. Even if it proved to be fragile, it didn't seem to prevent Apple product enthusiasts from buying.

iPhone 11 Pro - 3 cameras 3 different functions

iPhone 11 Pro - Apple Focus on the Camera and Screen

3 cameras installed on this Apple cellphone product certainly have different advantages. As with other brands that use 3 cameras, each camera has a different lens size as listed below.
  • Wide Camera
  • Ultra Wide Camera
  • Telephoto Camera
With 3 cameras above you can record 4K quality video with 60 FPS (Frames per second). 4K quality is very enough, even more than enough to make YouTube videos above average.

With the latest technology Apple also claims that the iPhone 11 Pro can capture 40% more light with a telephoto camera. Flash 36% brighter and 6 lighting effects in portrait mode that you can use, as well as optical image stabilization (OIS).


Apple also provides unusual features on the front camera of the iPhone 11 Pro. You can take selfie videos with slow motion effects, and Apple named it Slofie (Slow motion selfie).

This feature is quite creative, especially to win the hearts of potential buyers who like to take selfies and videos. What about you, do you also like to take photos or videos with the front camera?

Pro Display - Super Retina XDR

iPhone 11 Pro - Apple Focus on the Camera and Screen

In addition to showing off the capabilities of all three cameras, the iPhone 11 Pro is also equipped with a very clear OLED screen. With a density of 458 pixels per inch, Apple claims that this latest iPhone has the best density or pixels density available on an iPhone.

iPhone 11 Pro has a very high contrast level of up to 1,200 nits and can reach 800 nits when outdoors under the sun. Which means you can still see the screen clearly in very bright conditions, such as under the hot sun.

With a contrast ratio of 2,000,000: 1 (two million bathed in one) your eyes will be spoiled by the sharpness of the screen and certainly provide a different experience when watching videos on a smartphone.

Premium monitor quality

iPhone 11 Pro - Apple Focus on the Camera and Screen

For those of you who follow the news about Apple products, you must already know about premium monitor products sold by Apple, Apple Pro Display XDR. Premium Monitor, the price of the monitor stand alone is more than ten million rupiah.

XDR code itself stands for Extreme Dynamic Range, which shows the contrast of the color ratio they have. With XDR quality like this, of course you will get a new experience in seeing the quality of the video or image displayed.

New User Interface

With good screen quality Apple also seems to give a new touch to the display and menu, especially in the settings and operation of the camera. It is very understandable, moreover the iPhone 11 Pro has a number of different cameras from its predecessor.

On this iPhone 11 Pro you can also edit videos easily and comfortably because of course it is supported by a high quality screen.

If you are a vlogger or influencer 'on the go' who does not need a video editing application on a computer, this feature is very suitable for you. With the time needed to edit video from a computer, it seems that it can provide alternative options.

What else?

iPhone 11 Pro - Apple Focus on the Camera and Screen

Actually there are still some very interesting things to discuss from the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro. But it seems like the strength of the camera and screen that is currently very highlighted by Apple at this time.

The processor / chip section and other features of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro smartphone will be discussed in a separate article. It certainly as interesting as this camera and screen discussion. The rest is not much different from its predecessor, the iPhone X or iPhone 10.

What do you think? Do you think it is worth the price offered?

Hopefully writing about the latest products from Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro is useful. Stay a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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