Why iPhone 11 Doesn't Support 5G Connection?
Why iPhone 11 Does not Support 5G Connection
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Why iPhone 11 doesn't support 5G connection?? Why doesn't the iPhone 11 support 5G? Does the iPhone 11 have a 5G signal ?. Maybe you also have these questions when Apple introduced its newest smartphone, then what is the real reason?

Some time ago Apple held an Apple Special Event, and in it, there was an introduction to new products. Including their latest smartphone series iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. But the two series do not support the 5G signal. What is wrong?

The 5G signal has indeed begun to appear frequently in discussions of technological advances lately, not least among smartphone manufacturers. And most likely the smartphone will rule the use of the 5G signal later.

However, is the 5G signal really ready for mass use? have smartphone manufacturers prepared the supporting technology for this faster signal? Then why didn't Apple immediately introduce a smartphone that supports 5G signals?

Samsung has started

One of Apple's competitors in the smartphone market share is Samsung. Some time ago Samsung has introduced its newest smartphone product that supports 5G signals. And most likely other types of smartphones from Samsung will also soon follow (has 5G).

This doesn't seem to bother Apple very much because, in the end, we know that Apple is still comfortable in the signal strength of the 4G for the latest iPhone. Then why doesn't the iPhone 11 support 5G? Does Apple not have 5G technology?

Previously Apple had recruited former Microsoft employees who were focused in the telecommunications network field. On paper, Apple is also able to provide 5G technology in their products

Network availability

The main reason why iPhone 11 does not yet support 5G is that network availability (5G) is still limited.

If and looking at the Marquess Brownlee Youtube Channel that discusses 5G, the video shows that only a few regions provide 5G signals. And even that is very limited, you have to find special towers that provide 5G signals.

Although the speed of the 5G signal is indeed much faster than 4G, the limitations of this network will likely be a big problem. Especially if you are in countries that are not ready with 5G infrastructure.

Actually, this is not Apple's problem as a smartphone manufacturer, but rather the readiness of the operators to provide an even 5G network.

At this time in the United States, only a few operators have begun to provide 5G signal services, and even that is still in the experimental stage. And providing equitable infrastructure in each region is not an easy job.

It takes time and sufficient capital so that each region can have a 5G network that can be used by every smartphone user (which supports 5G).

When is 5G available on the iPhone?

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One of the reasons why the iPhone does not yet support 5G is a contract that has not been settled with one of its manufacturers, namely Qualcomm. Apple still has a contract with its main manufacturer relating to the use of modems on smartphones.

Apple has a 6-year contract with Qualcomm as a spare part provider on the iPhone. Then how long will the iPhone survive with 4G?

Based on information obtained from several sources, the iPhone is likely to continue to use 4G signals at least until the end of 2020. Although there is also no guarantee that Apple will use 5G by 2021.

But it looks like 2021 is the ideal time for an iPhone that supports 5G signals. It is expected that in that year the infrastructure for the 5G signal is reliable and there are no problems.

What about 4G quality on the iPhone 11?

Even though you can't feel the 5G signal on the iPhone 11, don't worry about the 4G quality on your smartphone.

Apple uses the most recent 4G technology available today, so you don't need to worry about signal quality and internet speed on your iPhone 11.

Especially if in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, until now there has been no operator that has officially provided 5G signals for smartphone users.

As long as you can still work and interact normally, it looks like you don't need to be bothered with this 5G signal technology that doesn't yet exist.

What is your opinion? Hopefully, this article is useful, keep being a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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