Tesla Model X - SUV With Perfect Safety Rating Score
Tesla Model X - SUV With Perfect Safety Rating Score
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The Tesla Model X car has a special appeal that automotive enthusiasts cannot. What's interesting about this Tesla Model X electric car cannot be compared to similar cars on the market there, and the sensation of driving it too will certainly be very different.

Another thing of pride to have an SUV made by Elon Musk factory originating from the land of Uncle Sam is, there are claims as to the first electric SUV in the world.

When talking about the advantages or advantages of this one electric car, then automatically we will intersect with the specifications that are proud of this Tesla Model X.

Rear Doors Open to the Top (Falcon Wing Doors)

Tesla Model X - SUV With Perfect Safety Rating Score
Tesla Model X with Falcon Wing Doors (Door opens up)
Elegant and futuristic design. As mentioned above, the design of this vehicle is very elegant and futuristic.

Yup! As you have seen in the main picture above, this Tesla Model X car has an unusual door, a rear door that opens upwards. Generally, this feature is only owned by luxury sports cars like Lamborghini.

The existence of Falcon Wing Doors (the term used for the Tesla Model X rear door system) makes it easier for passengers to lower their luggage in a narrow space because they open the rear door of the car to the top. Besides that it is also very stylish, isn't it?

Tesla Model X interior display with 17 inch main screen
Tesla Model X interior display with a 17-inch main screen

That said, on this occasion, the Tesla Model X is reportedly carrying a 75 kWh battery capacity, and has a travel capacity of up to 380 km when the batteries are fully charged.

In addition to these batteries, consumers in Indonesia can also choose other battery types, none other than the 90D, 100D, and P100D.

Then damping it, apparently, there are still many advantages of this luxury SUV, curious? Let's look below.

Product Specification Tesla Electric Car Model X

Tesla Model X - SUV With Perfect Safety Rating Score
Tesla Model X (white) features an LED Headlamp
LED headlamps that are made narrowed look very sharp and modern, the fog lamp under the headlamp will also greatly help motorists so that they can see clearly even in the midst of fog and rain.

The right size dimensions. This Tesla SUV has the right height and is even quite ideal. The Tesla Model X car has a wheelbase of 116.7 inches (2964 mm) and is also known to have a ground clearance height of 137 mm to 210 mm.

So we can be sure this luxury car made by Tesla will be very easy to drive and also be invited to maneuver on urban roads. This car is also equipped with 'legs' which is okay to have.

Tesla Model X - SUV With Perfect Safety Rating Score
All Tesla cars are equipped with many sensors to support the autonomous /self-driving system
Even more interesting, it turns out the battery used by the Tesla Model X is reportedly claimed to be able to be used to cover distances of up to 380 Km you know! The condition is that it is used for normal use only.

For the runway, this sophisticated Tesla SUV is powered by a 75 kWh battery capacity. The capacity of the Tesla Model X batteries ranges from 75D, 90D, 100D to P100D models.

The 75D type is known to have a battery capacity of up to 75 kWh with a travel power of up to 380 Km. Then, for the 75D variant is also said to be able to accelerate between 0-100 Km per hour in just 6 seconds.

Tesla Model X - SUV With Perfect Safety Rating Score
Brief specifications of Tesla Model X with Standard Range

Tesla Model X SUV With Perfect Safety Rating Score

Perfect!. That's right, this SUV Electric Car gets a perfect score for safety factors that have been rigorously tested.

One important factor why this Tesla Model X gets a perfect score is the ability of the vehicle to maintain its position so as not to topple during an accident.

Tesla Model X - SUV With Perfect Safety Rating Score
Security details of Tesla Model X that get perfect scores
One of the tests carried out for a car is the "reverse" car with a collision or loss of balance scenario. The Model X is able to return to its normal position even though the car has been lifted up to 90 degrees and almost rolled over.

This Model X Tesla gets 5 stars out of the maximum 5 stars it can achieve. This value is achieved from several parts of the car such as Front, Side (MDB), Side Pole, Driver (Overall), Side (Overall).

Does the price make sense for Indonesians?

In terms of price it still seems the same as other electric cars, more expensive than conventional cars.

Security details of Tesla Model X that get perfect scores

Tesla Model X in Indonesia is priced not less than $ 200,000, or equivalent to 2.6 billion rupiahs.

The price indeed feels very expensive when compared with public cars in Indonesia. But if we look back, the features and specifications offered by this Tesla car are equivalent to the car features and specifications of luxury cars today (or even better).

This premium SUV has been confirmed to be equipped with exceptional performance, with a myriad of modern, reliable features today.

Tesla Model X - SUV With Perfect Safety Rating Score

The proof can be directly seen from the attractive exterior, the design was made specifically by using the concept of elegant and futuristic design.

Unlike the interior design of similar vehicles lately. Not only that, the sophistication of Tesla in displaying the engine's performance was certainly not going to disappoint its users.

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