Price of Youtube Premium in Indonesia - What can You Get?

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Price of Youtube Premium in Indonesia - What can You Get?
Price of Youtube Premium in Indonesia - What can You Get?

The following is a price list of Youtube Premium in Indonesia. Then What are you going to get? Is the price in accordance with the facilities obtained? The following is a price list of Youtube Premium in Indonesia.

It is no longer a secret that YouTube will offer premium services in its application. This Premium service was even discussed when the YouTube website was first introduced. And now seems like the right time for this Google-owned company to start offering services with a paid version.

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Services List of Youtube Premium in Indonesia

So what will be obtained at the price of Youtube Premium in Indonesia? Is the service the same as users in other countries? How do you pay for YouTube Premium in Indonesia?

  • Ad-free
  • Youtube Originals
  • Background Play
  • Download and Play Offline
  • Youtube Music Premium


Same as users in other countries, the main feature of subscribing to Youtube Premium in Indonesia is that it is free of advertisements. If you often see ads before or after video shows (even in the middle of videos), then by subscribing to this premium service you will no longer be interrupted by advertisements.

When you are seriously learning something on YouTube and suddenly an advertisement appears, it must be disturbing you. Now, by subscribing you no longer have to worry about being interrupted by advertisements.

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Youtube Originals

The next service is impressions from the Originals Youtube channel. In addition to collecting content from creators (YouTube), it turns out that YouTube has also produced its own shows or content. Starting from the mini-series, documentaries, etc. You can watch it for free.

If you are curious you can immediately see the content offered by the Originals Youtube channel. At the moment there are several videos that are free for all users.

There are a number of shows that are indeed released for free, but over time it seems like there will be many exclusive shows from the Originals Youtube channel which is certainly a pity to miss.

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Background Play

Especially for Youtube application users on smartphones, by subscribing to Youtube Premium in Indonesia you can play Youtube videos or music from the Youtube application even if you close the YouTube application.

In other words, you will still be able to listen to music from the Youtube application even if you open another application. Like playing music from applications on the HP, or like playing the radio.

Download and Play offline

With this feature, you can download videos that you want to play when you don't have an internet connection. Like when boarding a plane or going inland, you can download a video first so that the video can be played anytime, even if you don't have an internet connection.

This feature can still be used by general users (not yet paid for) but is limited to only a few videos that are allowed. And do not rule out the possibility later that this feature can only be used by premium youtube service users only.

Youtube Music Premium

Like other music streaming services like Spotify, JOOX, etc., Youtube also provides music streaming services. By using YouTube Premium in Indonesia, you can listen to music without commercial breaks.

Can it replace other music streaming services? We don't know for sure yet, but if possible it seems pretty good. If you really can replace music streaming applications like Spotify, you no longer need to pay a special fee to subscribe to a music streaming only.

Over time it is very possible that there will be additional services from Youtube Premium in Indonesia. Including additional costs, maybe. hehe

Price List of Youtube Premium in Indonesia

There are 3 packages offered by Youtube for Youtube Premium in Indonesia. The following is the price of Youtube Premium in Indonesia that we got in December 2019. But it will not seem to change much for at least one year ahead.

  • Personal: IDR 59,000 / month
  • Family: IDR 89,000 / month (max. 5 accounts)
  • Students: IDR 34,000 / month (annual verification required)

Personal packages are packages offered for individual users or individuals. With a price of IDR 59,000 (fifty-nine thousand rupiahs), you will get all the facilities or service features mentioned above.

The family package also has the same facilities as the personal package, but at a price of IDR 89,000 (eighty-nine thousand rupiahs) you can add up to 5 accounts which means one account only costs around IDR 18,000 per month. With the condition that all users are over 13 years old.

Student Package is the lowest-priced offer currently available. Student packages will also get the same features as other packages, but on the condition that they have to do verification every year.

You will not be charged billing in the first month, aka free for the first month of the subscription. And this applies to all services.

Free Trial!

For those of you who have an interest in subscribing to YouTube premium in Indonesia, we recommend doing a trial first. Youtube is currently promoting to try out its latest service.

If it still exists, you can try this premium Youtube service for 3 months free. The good thing is, if after 3 months or before 3 months you don't like this service, you can cancel it. So even if you use this free 3-month promo, you are not required to buy services in the 4th month.

How interested in the offers above? or have you started trying this premium service? How was the experience?

Hopefully, this article about YouTube Premium in Indonesia is useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column. Stay a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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