Why the New Motorola Folding Phone was postponed?
Why the New Motorola Folding Phone was postponed?
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In 2019 the world of technology will be introduced to smartphones with screens that can be folded. Not only introduced but smartphones - smartphones can already be purchased or at least pre-oder, including this new Motorola folding phone, called Motorola Razr Phone.

Unfortunately, this "nostalgic" cellphone with the latest technology is rumored to delay or reverse the launch date. This is because the interest data they receive is higher than the amount predicted beforehand.

The exact number of enthusiasts and the number predicted by the Motorola is not stated, but with the announcement of this delay, it is certain that the number is very significant.

Too many excitement?

As explained earlier, the delay in pre-order and release dates is due to Motorola getting a number of enthusiasts who exceeded the previous prediction.

Introduced in November 2019, it seems that this folding screen smartphone attracts many potential buyers. Moreover, some YouTubers also have made a review of this latest smartphone made by Motorola.

"We are working to determine the appropriate quantity and schedule to ensure that more consumers have access to Razr at launch," - Motorola

Motorola also said that they could not accommodate changes in significant numbers of interested people like this unless they backed up or delayed the launch date. They also want more consumers to have this Motorola folding phone on the launch date.

Why the new Motorola folding phone was postponed?

When there is a change in date, generally because there are problems that must be resolved outside the plan, but this time the problem faced is a problem that is 'profitable' for Motorola.

Previously Motorola planned to open pre-orders on December 26, 2019, and will be officially openly sold on January 9, 2020. But after this announcement, it is certain that the pre-order and official release dates will be the same - in 2020.

Then when is this Motorola Folding Phone released?

Until now there is no exact date given by them for the launch of their new Motorola folding phone. However, Motorola said that the delay would not be too far from the date that was planned before.

If the information is like that, I hope this new Motorola folding phone will be launched in the first quarter of 2020.

The competition of folding-screen phones

Although this folding screen technology is a new technology, many manufacturers have started to promote and exhibit cellphone products with their folding screens.

Huawei and Samsung have first introduced their folding screen phones, which are also expected to be widely purchased in 2020.

But when viewed from the response obtained for all phones with folding screens that exist, the new Motorola folding phone gets a lot of positive responses. Motorola boards also seems to be very confident with the launch of their first folding-screen phone.

What do you think? Hopefully, this information about the release of the new Motorola folding phone (Motorola Razr Phone) is useful. #beWiseUser!

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