Number of Youtube View Affects Billboard 2020 Ranking
Number of Youtube View Affects Billboard 2020 Ranking
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The number of views on Youtube will affect the Billboard 2020 ranking and the following years. At the end of 2019 Billboard announced that it would begin counting the number of music viewers or listeners on several musics streaming services, including Youtube.

So now the Billboard 2020 ranking does not only depend on the album or song sales of each musician. Billboard 2020 ranking will begin to add a new variable to calculate who is the most popular artist or music.

Album sales

Until 2019 Billboard still uses calculations based on sales to be based on consumption or usage such as streaming music or playing the official video clip.

Music streaming services actually existed more or less five years ago but it seems that it takes a long time for billboards to consider this 'consumption' metric to be one of the determining factors for the 2020 billboard ranking and likely for the following years.

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Number of Youtube Views Affects Billboard 2020 Ranking

Not only Youtube, the billboard 2020 ranking and going forward will also count the number of listeners streaming like the music streaming application Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Vevo, etc.

Besides this streaming calculation will also affect the position or ranking of every genre that exists such as Pop, Hip-hop, Rock, etc. That way we will also find out which genre is the most desirable based on a combination of album purchases and the number of listeners online (streaming).

However, the number of viewers or listeners will be counted only from clips or music uploaded or originating from the official artist or management account. So if there are other Youtube users who upload the same music, it won't count.

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Since 2013

Actually for the calculation of the number of listeners online or streaming has begun to be used since 2013 by Billboard on the Billboard Hot 100 list, but only limited to ranking one music or song, not the album as it is today.

With this decision, it seems that we will see new artists appearing on the Billboard pages which are currently still dominated by singers from America and Europe. Hopefully, Latin or Asian artists can also be better known with new calculations for this album.

What do you think? Hopefully, the news about the number of Youtube views affecting billboard 2020 ranking is useful. #beWiseUser!

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