OnePlus Concept One Camera Disappear with Car Sunroof Technology

Rindi Putra
OnePlus Concept One Camera Disappear with Car Sunroof Technology
OnePlus Concept One Camera Disappear with Car Sunroof Technology OnePlus Concept One | MKBHD 

Still from the title of Consumer Electronics Show / CES 2020. OnePlus Concept One comes with technology that is on the car's sunroof glass that can dim the display so that objects that are behind the glass look dimmer.

If not using a camera, the concept smartphone introduced by the Chinese manufacturer will close the display of the existing camera holes. So that the appearance still looks elegant without being disturbed by camera holes that damage the "scenery".

As in the technology in the sunroof glass of luxury cars that can be adjusted in brightness. During the day the user usually sets the glass to be dimmer / darker to reduce incoming sunlight. Whereas during the day it is usually arranged to be brighter in order to see the sky directly.

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OnePlus Concept One x McLaren

Existing technology on smartphones or HP OnePlus Concept One is known as electrochromic glass which actually has been around for the past few years. But this time the technology is applied to a smartphone which is certainly more difficult because its size is much smaller.

This concept smartphone is the result of collaborating with OnePlus with one of the luxury car manufacturers, namely Mclaren. From the design and color, it has been seen that the OnePlus Concept One smartphone has a sporty theme with McLaren's distinctive color, Orange Papaya.

In the video review of MKBHD technology YouTuber (Marquess Brownlee) also showed the same concept. Between the technology used on the OnePlus Concept One camera protective glass and also the Sunroof from McLaren cars that can be dimmed and enlightened as needed.

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Camera Exposure Control

Not only for a more elegant appearance, this electrochromic glass technology can also function as a filter for your camera lens.

With a glass that can adjust the brightness level, you can adjust the exposure or the level of light that comes in when shooting or recording video. This feature is like you use a filter on a DSLR or Mirrorless camera when the light is too hot for your camera lens.

What do you think? Does OnePlus Concept One catch your attention? Or you don't really need features like this?

Hopefully, this article is useful. Stay a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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