3 of the easiest electronic products to be repaired by iFixit version

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3 of the easiest electronic products to be repaired by iFixit version
3 of the easiest electronic products to be repaired by iFixit version
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The following are the 3 easiest electronic products to repair by iFixit. In this list, there are 3 gadget / electronic products that are easily repaired independently, without the help of a technician or "handyman service".

iFixit is a product for loading and unloading electronic devices such as screwdrivers, clamps, etc. Uniquely iFixit is not only for 'service workers' but rather for ordinary consumers who want to fix their own gadgets or electronic devices.

So in this list is a standard for lay users like us - we, not for service workers who are experts in their fields. So if the product is considered easy to repair, it's also easy for those of us who are inexperienced.

Those who have never broken down any electronic devices such as cellphones or laptops, most likely also can do it too. Of course, by following the tutorial or instructions about all electronic products that are most easily repaired this version of iFixit.

3 Products that are EASY to repair iFixit versions

FairPhone 3

The first product to get a perfect score is a FairPhone 3 smartphone that has a perfect score, which is 10. The FairPhone smartphone brand is still unfamiliar in Indonesia but it seems worthy of being a comparison for other products such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, etc.

This gadget or smartphone product is considered to be the easiest because to do unloading the cellphone or smartphone does not require various types of screwdriver (HP standard screwdriver) and also in the installation part of the manufacturer does not use glue or other types of adhesives that generally will be damaged when doing the loading - pairs.

With the ease of loading - pairs as above, then we as users will also be easy to do the replacement of spare parts or other things. At a minimum, we as users can do routine cleaning every year or maybe every month so that the phone's performance is maintained.

On the official website, you can also buy spare parts separately if you want to replace them such as cameras, speakers, touchscreens, etc.

Apple New MacPro

Furthermore, there is the latest product from Apple, the Apple New MacPro, which was just introduced late in 2019 yesterday. Desktop PC or computer is known for its appearance similar to grated cheese and also an expensive price, it turns out to get a value of 9/10 in terms of ease of loading - pairs.

Behind the appearance that had the virus, it turns out the company that also manufactures the iPhone, makes it easy for users if you want to do the uninstall - pairs. Seen from the outer casing that is very easy to open, just by turning one handle, the entire contents of the PC will be seen.

So if you want to upgrade or replace spare parts, you don't need to be complicated with bolts and screwdrivers like in other PC cases. A value of 9 out of ten is very high for electronic products that are the easiest to repair.

XBOX One S (Digital Edition)

In third place is Microsoft's gaming console, the Xbox One S which apparently also does not use bolts to attach the main casing. Microsoft prefers the type of clip to unite the outer casing. iFixit gives a value of 8/10 for the XBOX One S in terms of ease of installation and installation.

With the type of clip in the case, you can open the case by stretching each connected clip. By stretching or slightly gouging to open the case, iFixit thinks this is better than using bolts.

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Be careful!

Although the products above have values ​​that are easy enough to be repaired by themselves, but you also need to pay attention to your condition. If indeed you do not have time and do not want to risk failure, you should still go to the service center or 'local technicians around your house.

Especially if you do have more funds to pay for service costs, you can pay for service fees and you can refocus your work without being interrupted by service time if done alone.

But if you want to save money and like challenges, then we recommend trying to make improvements yourself. Of course, by gathering various information and tutorials that have been widely spread on the internet.

Hopefully, this article about the 3 easiest electronic products to repair is useful. If you have other opinions, please save in the comments column below. Stay a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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