Details of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and competition with Motorola

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Details of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and competition with Motorola
Details of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and competition with Motorola
After introducing the Samsung Galaxy Fold last year, Samsung is now introducing another folding screen phone product, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which seems more attractive than its predecessor.

After the era of smartphones emerged, old school mobile phones automatically reduced demand. But flip or folding mobile phones are apparently still in high demand, usually for the use of a second mobile phone (for those who normally use 2 mobile phones). And Samsung also seems to realize this.

Although not yet officially introduced, photos and videos from the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip have been circulating in various online media. Including specifications and also some other details.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip can v Motorola Razr Phone

Samsung is not alone in this market because there is a Motorola Razr Phone that was first introduced to the public. With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung doesn't seem to want to lose the folding mobile market share, like the old school flip phone models, which turned out to be a lot of enthusiasts.

Galaxy Z Flip will lock in 2 positions, namely at 90 degrees and 180 degrees. For normal use nothing is different, please open the HP 180 degrees or upright. That way you can use it like a smartphone that is common today with a resolution of 1080x2160p.

But you can also use it in a 90 degree position, or like the letter L with the bottom as a stand / stand and the top as a screen. Some applications or cameras will move positions and only use the top screen.

It is not wrong if Samsung is also starting to try again the folding cellphone market, but this time with more advanced technology, namely with folding screens. Motorola has also proven that the market share of folding phones with the shape of a flip is very large in potential, as evidenced by the large number of Motorola Razr Phone smartphone enthusiasts at the time of pre-order.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price, Release, Specifications?

For the price, it seems that no one knows for sure, as a comparison, the Motorola Razr Phone is sold at $ 1,500. 21 million rupiah. And the Samsung Galaxy Fold sells for around Rp. 28 million rupiah. The price of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip seems to be around these numbers.

The plan of this folding screen smartphone will be introduced at the Samsung Unpacked event on February 12, 2020. And pre-orders will also be opened on the same date, along with other products that will also be introduced at the event.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is rumored to have an Android 10 OS with a 6.7-inch screen of 1080x2160p resolution. The camera will be equipped with 12 MP main camera and 10 MP front camera. 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 855 Chipset and 3300 mAh battery.

  • Android OS 10
  • One UI 2
  • 256 GB memory
  • Screen 6.7 "1080x2160p
  • 12MP 2160 front camera
  • 10 MP rear camera
  • 8GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 855+ chipset
  • 3300mAh battery
  • Adreno 640 GPU

What do you think? Hopefully this article about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is useful. Stay a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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