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How to open Youtube videos in Gom Player Online
How to open Youtube videos in Gom Player Online

The following is how to open YouTube videos in Gom Player directly (online). This way you will be able to watch YouTube videos directly from the Gom application. So you can continue to see it even if you open another tab or another application.

In addition, you can also add more than one video to be played sequentially with the playlist feature like playing music or movie files that are on your computer. Therefore opening a YouTube video on the Gom player streaming will be very useful for those of you who don't want to miss the show.

Actually, you can use other applications to watch YouTube videos on the player that has been installed on your PC or laptop such as VLC, Ace Player, etc. But this time we use Gom Player as an example.

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 Why open youtube videos on Gom Player?

Why are you opening YouTube videos in other player applications? aren't you the same?

Yup! absolutely right, there really is no difference from the side of watching it, but for myself opening youtube videos on Gom player (or other player applications) is very beneficial.

One of them is to be able to make the youtube video being played at the top of the screen so that even if we change tabs or open another application, we can still watch the video because it's always above (Always on Top).

In addition, the size of the video can be adjusted freely because it is no longer limited by the screen width. We can change the screen size as you wish, it can be very small the size of a smartphone or it can also be the normal size or full screen as usual.

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How to open Youtube videos in Gom Player Online

The following are the steps or tutorials for opening Youtube videos in Gom Player directly streaming online, without having to download them first. In addition, there are many more benefits as mentioned in this article.

  1. Make sure your computer/laptop has an internet connection
  2. Open Youtube video that you want to watch
  3. Please >Copy video URL
    How to open Youtube videos in Gom Player Online
  4. Open >Gom Player app
  5. Place the cursor over the Gom Player window then >Right-click
  6. select >Open
  7. then choose >URL (Ctrl + U)
    How to open Youtube videos in Gom Player Online
  8. Enter or >Paste the youtube video URL into the column provided
  9. Click the button >OK. Done
    How to open Youtube videos in Gom Player Online

Wait a few moments until the youtube video that you want to watch in the Gom Player application loads perfectly. After loading, the video will automatically play in the Gom Player window as usual.

Pay attention to video quality. If you only want to watch it in a small size, I suggest reducing video quality to save bandwidth and quota. To set it up you can find it at the bottom of the GOM player window, please adjust it as needed.

Add Playlist

You can also add other YouTube videos to be included in the playlist as usual. So you don't have to wait for the video to finish to add more videos to the playlist.

To add a playlist when you open a youtube video in the gom player please follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the screen
  2. Select >Playlist
  3. Click the symbol >Add /(+) at the bottom
  4. Then select >URL
  5. Enter >Youtube video url that you want to be added to the playlist/playlist
  6. Finally, click the button >OK

Hopefully, this article about how to open YouTube videos in the Gom player is useful. If you have questions, please save in the comments below. Stay a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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