Wow! Spotify bought the Joe Rogan podcast with a fantastic value

Rindi Putra
Wow! Spotify bought the Joe Rogan podcast with a fantastic value
Wow! Spotify bought the Joe Rogan podcast with a fantastic value

Yup! It seems that the acquisition of new companies by giant companies is still a trend. This was demonstrated by Spotify buying Joe Rogan's podcast event at a fantastic value.

At present, there is another trend in making content to be consumed by many people. In addition to making videos on Youtube, currently, podcast content ("Siniar" in KBBI) or talk shows is on the rise. Old technology (audio talk - talk) seems to be in demand again.

For those of you +62 residents who like to open Youtube videos, surely have visited or seen the Youtube channel of Om Deddy Corbuzier who often talks long with his resource persons. Now, from the increasing number of viewers, it can be seen that nowadays people like to hear long and deep conversations.

From this shift in audience tastes it also seems like Spotify saw a huge opportunity from the podcasting business which is in line with the type of business that Spotify is living.

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Spotify bought Joe Rogan's podcast for more than 100 million dollars

In a number of reports, it was mentioned that Spotify had to pay more than 100 million dollars so that the Powerful JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) podcasts could broadcast exclusively on Spotify. This means that the JRE podcast will 'switch channels' from Youtube to Spotify.

The value does indeed feel very large for a podcast event. But the Forbes report said that Joe Rogan managed to record revenues of 30 million dollars last year sourced from advertisements on his podcast. This shows how big the potential income is on the Joe Rogan Experience show.

Even though the Joe Rogan Experience podcast event was bought by Spotify, Spotify users can still listen to this podcast event for free. Both Spotify premium accounts and free ones can still listen to the podcast program hosted by Joe Rogan.

Domination in the Audio Industry

Even without podcast content, Spotify already has a lot of listeners from the music they provide. But it seems like Spotify's big plans didn't reach music, Spotify seems to want to dominate all businesses in the audio industry.

Previously, Spotify also bought Bill Simmons's The Ringer podcast, which was reportedly worth 196 million dollars. This price is almost double the Spotify buy Joe Rogan's podcast. And it looks like Spotify won't stop here. Like other giant companies, Spotify is likely to continue to acquire events that have strength in the audio industry.

In your opinion, what other programs will Spotify buy? Hopefully, this article about Spotify buys Joe Rogan's podcast. Stay a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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