Wow! TikTok has prepared a fund of 200 million dollars for content creator

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Wow! TikTok has prepared a fund of 200 million dollars for content creator
Wow! TikTok has prepared a fund of 200 million dollars for content creator
Along with its rapid growth, TikTok is starting to show its seriousness to protect the creators' content in TikTok. In its official blog, TikTok said that they have provided a creator fund or around 200 million dollars for creator content.

This fresh fund is intended for content creators who are serious and really want to build a career at TikTok. This includes a major step taken by TikTok to provide funding directly to the creator content that is there.

Later the content creators who meet the qualifications will get paid regularly directly from TikTok. Although it is not yet stated how much the payment will be received, TikTok promises that the money received will continue to increase over time.

Terms and Conditions to get money from TikTok

In general, TikTok said that those TikTokers or TikTok creators content who can get the 'creator fund' funds must fulfill the following conditions.

  • Aged at least 18 years 
  • Post original videos consistently
  • Videos posted must always follow the rules (community guidelines)
  • Minimum number of followers (not yet mentioned by TikTok)
  • Submitting/registering a program
  • And other conditions that (maybe) haven't been mentioned

Because this is still in its initial stages, it seems that there are still other conditions that content creators must fulfill in order to be included in the list of recipients of this 'creator fund'.

Currently, the creator fund program organized by TikTok is still limited to users located in the United States only and they can start registering this August. In the future, it will be expanded to other countries, including Indonesia. But TikTok has not been able to confirm when the expansion will be realized.

TikTok has prepared 200 million dollars for creators

Although there are actually many content creators who have reaped success outside TikTok such as Charli D'AAelio and Dixie D'AAelio, TikTok wants them to continue to actively create content in their TikTok account.

At least for some time to come, TikTok wants people who are already well known outside TikTok to remain actively creating content on their TikTok account so as not to lose many users.

With funding of $ 200,000,000 or two hundred million dollars, this will likely make content creators feel at home and will also bring in new users.

"Through the TikTok Creator Fund, our creators will be able to realize additional earnings that reflect the time, care, and dedication they put into creatively connecting with an audience that is inspired by their ideas," Vanessa Pappas, TikTok's general manager.

Vanessa Pappas explained that with the Creator Fund prepared by TikTok, it was hoped that the creators could see the potential of this application in making additional money from the videos they made. And it is hoped that with the funding for these creators, creators will be more inspired and more enthusiastic about creating more creative content.

Previously TikTok also spent 50 million dollars on content creators who also worked as teachers at the end of last May. And it seems that this step has given positive results so that the program has expanded and has more numbers.

The difference with other applications

Although they both present video content, actually TikTok is different from Youtube. Youtube presents videos that are longer and more similar to the content on television, while TikTok focuses more on short videos that are creative and entertaining.

Although it's often compared to Youtube, TikTok is actually more suitable than Instagram with almost similar features and services.

Both on Youtube and Instagram, now the source of money that can be generated from both platforms is quite clearly visible. It also seems that what makes the other creator content is still not interested in creating an account on TikTok.

From this situation, it seems TikTok does not want to lose its creators who already have many followers on TikTok move to other platforms such as Youtube and Instagram.

Therefore TikTok is seen trying to make the creator content in TikTok stay comfortable and remain active in creating content by providing fantastic incentive funds.

The strategy and political steps of TikTok

With this step, it looks like TikTok also wants to keep its efforts running in the United States. The reason is that currently TikTok is also in bad condition in several countries. One of them is like India which is still blocking TikTok because the country is having problems with China.

TikTok is also in trouble with the South Korean government because they are considered wrong in handling the data of children in South Korea. The South Korean government is also reported to have given a substantial fine to TikTok because of his mistakes.

Regardless of political or security issues, for content creators who are active in TikTok, of course, this information becomes good news because eventually, they will get a new 'tap' in making money on the TikTok application.

We just wait for some time to come, hopefully, this good news will also soon come to the creator content in Indonesia.

Hopefully, the information about Tiktok prepares a fund of 200 million dollars for the creators' content is useful. Stay a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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