How to limit the download speed in Steam Games

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How to limit the download speed in Steam Games
How to limit the download speed in Steam Games

The following is how to easily limit the download speed of Steam games. In this way, we can set or limit the download of game files that will be installed on a PC or computer from Steam. Does giving this download limit damage the game files to be installed?

The size of game files nowadays is generally large, especially when we talk about games with an AAA rating, which can usually range from tens to hundreds of Gigabytes. And that size is just the installation file, if it has been installed on a PC, it can be even bigger.

On Steam, there are also games with large files with an AAA rating which of course requires us to provide large storage space on a hard disk or SSD as well. Below are some examples of games with large download files:

  • Final Fantasy XV: 148GB
  • Red Dead Redemption 2: 150GB
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 175GB
  • Quantum Break: 178GB
  • etc

With so many large games, we as users must also be careful and know when is the right time to download so as not to disturb other internet users. Especially in third-world countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, etc internet speed is still below average, so you must know the safe and comfortable limits when downloading.

For example in my house, even though I use Indihome internet with a speed of 20 MB / s, the maximum download speed is usually around 2.5 MB / s. So if I'm downloading a game on Steam, I usually limit the speed to 1.5MB / s or 2.0MB / s so that other internet users in my house can still use the internet normally.

How to limit the download speed in Steam Games

This method can be done whether it is downloading or not. We have practiced both and there are no problems.

  1. Open the Steam application as usual
  2. On the menu bar (top-left), please click menu >Steam
  3. Then select >Settings until the settings window opens
  4. In the menu list (left) please open menu >Downloads
  5. In the "Download Restriction" sub-menu, please click the dropdown menu >Limit bandwidth to until the speed limit option appears
  6. Please >select the maximum download speed limit for your Steam application. Because my internet download speed is at 2.5 MB / s, I try to limit the speed to 1.5 MB / s so as not to disturb other internet users
  7. After selecting the speed limit, please click the button >OKHow to limit the download speed in Steam Games
  8. If you are downloading, wait a few moments until the download speed approaches the limit or download speed limit that we have set. Done

Although the download speed does not immediately decrease or increase according to the predetermined limit, the time needed is not too long for the system to adjust to the new settings. After about 10 seconds the speed has adjusted to the new setting.

Is the download process will be safer?

For security, it's the same, but providing a download limit will make the download process more stable. With a more stable and scalable download process, the system will work in a measurable manner.

By default, the download speed will follow the limit or bandwidth given by the modem, but this speed always changes because it adapts to the internet usage of other devices, such as cell phones or other computers.

Unless the package or internet service you are using has a very large bandwidth capacity or speed, you don't need to worry about download speed limits, just use the default settings.

Frequently changes the speed limit and removes the limit?

Is it safe if we change continuously or change the speed limit while downloading? The short answer is safe. Several times I also had time to change the speed/limit while downloading a game, and there were no problems.

But keep in mind, if you change the limit excessively and unnaturally, it can still harm the file being downloaded. So that's only natural.

What if you want to remove the download limit? Easy. In the option "Limit bandwidth to" please select >No limit then click the button >OK. The download speed will return to normal following the maximum limit of your internet package.

Hopefully, this article about how to limit the download speed in the Steam game is useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column below. Remain a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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