Don't have a last name for your Payoneer account? this is the solution

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Don't have a last name for your Payoneer account? this is the solution

Don't have a last name for your Payoneer account? this is the solution

Some time ago someone asked in the video tutorial how to transfer Payoneer balances to a local bank, "I don't have a last name for the Payoneer list, can my name be written twice?". The question about this last name also made me curious, and finally, I found the answer directly from CS Payoneer.

Actually, I wanted to answer that I didn't know because at that time I didn't really know and I was afraid to know if I answered according to my own opinion. Finally, I was browsing - browsing, whether someone abroad also has the same problem.

It turns out that after finding out about the problem of this one name, many also asked, and fortunately this question was also immediately asked in a special forum for the Payoneer community, which also included CS or Payoneer employees who were ready to help or answer questions.

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Don't have a last name for your Payoneer account? this is the solution

In a thread or discussion, someone asks about the last name because he doesn't have the last name either. And apparently, looking for answers in English, the questioner came from Indonesia. hehe

Even though this is an old-school question, in 2012, the answer seems relevant until now because it seems that there is no option to just use the first name in the registration form or submission form column on Payoneer.

Dear Admin

I am Indonesian since I was born, form my parent just give one name to me (without last name). As well as on my ID Card in my country the same case. I really need a Payoneer card to be able to receive commissions from the associates program. Help me to be accepted at Payoneer card.

Thanks and Best Regards,


Mr. Yuniantoro above asked for a solution so that his Payoneer card application was immediately accepted because he needed it for commission payments from the program on the Amazon website.

Mr. Yuniarntoro said that from birth he did not have a last name and the KTP was the same, no last name. While on the Payoneer form, we have to enter the last name so that we can continue the submission process.


For anyone with only 1 name (no last name), we generally require that you enter the name into both the First Name and Last Name fields. For example, in your case, "Yuniantoro Yuniantoro."

I see that your application has already been approved, and an e-mail with further details on the US Payment Service has been sent to you. To apply, simply reply to the email with the requested details/documents.


Mr. Yniantoro's question was immediately answered by Nissim, Head of Community from Payoneer, who provided a solution if he didn't have a last name.

Nissim said that if we don't have a last name we only need to re-enter our first name in the last name column, so if your name is Yuniantoro, then enter the name "Yuniantoro" in the first name column (first name) and enter the name "Yuniantoro" again in the column. last name.

Payoneer Community Pages: I Have Not Last Name

So later it will look like this: "Yuniantoro, Yuniantoro". Likewise, if your name is "Ariani", there is no last name. Then you have to write "Ariani" in the first name column, and again write "Ariani" in the last name column.

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What about other websites like Google and Amazon?

Can this solution also be applied on other websites such as Google Adsense or Amazon affiliate? because these websites are almost the same which have a transfer feature between countries and are equally sensitive to differences in information in the account.

For Google Adsense, there are suggestions to write "NOLASTNAME" in the last name column as a sign that we don't have a last name. But this is still a suggestion because in some experiments Adsense users have succeeded in this way.

But this method is not a guarantee because it also depends on the destination bank, whether they will approve the transfer or not with the words "NOLASTNAME" like that.

So the safest way is to first ask the bank where you want to withdraw funds, if they say that it's okay (by writing a NOLASTNAME), then you can use this 'trick'.

Hopefully, this article regarding the last name issue for the Payoneer account is useful. If you have questions, please save them in the comments column below. Remain a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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  1. Unknown
    Wednesday, June 16, 2021
    Hi, i have a question. I can't sign up a payoneer account due to my surname is 'ñ' not "n". It says here that it must be written in English Character but I can't because my surname in government id is written in 'ñ'. What can I do to make it 'ñ'.. My surname is "Pariñas". Please let me know. I will use payoneer account for my occupation. Thank you so much. It will be a big help.
    1. Rindi Putra
      Rindi Putra
      Thursday, June 17, 2021
      Hi! I just found an answer from Payoneer's forum about this special character but I'm not sure about the solution because the admin just answer with no explanation whether it will be okay or not to just use the regular character.

      Here is their answer:
      "We apologize, but we only allow regular characters for clients who wish to input their details to register their bank account."

      I will suggest you to try to use the regular character, it worth a try while we are waiting for Payoneer to sort this issue