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How to Remove Background Noise in Premiere Pro
How to Remove Background Noise in Premiere Pro

The following is how to remove background noise in Premiere Pro. In this way, you can make the sound/audio cleaner and clearer. No more buzzing, rattling, and other annoying noises.

Often the results of both video and audio recordings are not as good as expected. Whether it's because the conditions are busy, or there are tools that interfere with the results that are not pleasant to use.

Fortunately, with today's technology, some problems in production errors can be fixed in the editing (post-production) stage. Especially with special editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Keep in mind that the features that can be used above cannot solve all audio problems in Premiere Pro. We also need to look again at the quality of the original audio that is entered.

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Every feature has a limit

Although the price of the Adobe Premiere Pro license is not cheap, there are still many problems that can't be solved just by editing it in this video editing application.

If the original audio/video quality is already very bad from the start, it is unlikely that it can be repaired during the editing process. Especially if you are a perfectionist, like it or not, you have to re-record the required sound (re-take) with better results.

But for mundane issues like background noise, buzzing sound, and more, this feature really helps me personally, and I seem to use this feature in all the audio I produce. hehe

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How to Remove Background Noise in Premiere Pro

  1. Go to the >Audio section in the main menu (top menu)
  2. Find and click the >Small arrow symbol next to the audio menu (top-left) to open the advanced audio menu
    How to Add Animated Audio Equalizer in Premiere Pro (Audio Spectrum)
  3. Please select the audio track or audio source that you want to remove background noise. Marked with A1, A2, A3, A4, etc.
  4. Click the >small arrow button in an empty column in the advanced audio menu to exit the menu for audio editing
  5. Please select >Noise Reduction/Restoration
  6. Then select >Adaptive Noise Reduction
    How to Add Animated Audio Equalizer in Premiere Pro (Audio Spectrum)
  7. By default, the Adobe Premiere system will automatically lower the noise level at 20.00 dB. You can >change the filtration level by sliding the button left or right as needed. The higher the number, the more noise is removed.
    How to Add Animated Audio Equalizer in Premiere Pro (Audio Spectrum)
  8. Done. Please test the audio before and after editing to find out the difference.

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Tips with Additional Settings

If you are still not satisfied with the results of the method above, you can also use other "Noise Reduction" features such as the "Automatic Click Remover" and "DeHummer" features so that the results are perfect.

If you want to use more than one feature of Noise Reduction, please click the arrow in the column below (which is empty).

The settings are not much different, all settings use the same size, and you can adjust or slide the settings as needed as above.

Hopefully, this article on how to remove background noise in Premiere Pro is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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