How to Full Test Memory RAM Health on a PC or Laptop

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How to Full Test Memory RAM Health on a PC or Laptop
How to Full Test Memory RAM Health on a PC or Laptop

The following is how to fully test memory RAM health on a PC or laptop. I use this method when my computer has several symptoms such as a freezing screen, applications suddenly closing themselves, and sometimes the computer even restarts automatically. If you have the same symptoms, please try to do the following test to find out the health of RAM.

In the last few weeks, my PC has sometimes shown some symptoms or errors. Until sometimes the application that is being opened suddenly closes itself. At first, I thought it was a problem with the graphics card (GPU). But after I did a memory test (RAM) it was discovered that the problem was not in the GPU but in the RAM.

And sure enough, when I unplug the damaged RAM and just use another 'healthy' RAM, my PC becomes 'healthy' again, with no problems as before. Even though I still had to replace the damaged RAM, at least I didn't misdiagnose what was previously thought that the GPU (Graphics Processing Units) was faulty.

In my experience, the RAM testing process takes about 2.5 hours (2 hours 30 minutes) to show the PASS or FAIL results and during the test, we can't use the computer. So prepare free time so that your work is not disturbed.

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How to Full Test Memory RAM Health on a PC or Laptop

  1. Prepare an empty Flashdisk (because it will be formatted later) then connect it (plug) to the PC that will be used.
  2. Next, please download the MemTest86 application on the website: (No need to pay, the free version is enough).How to Full Test Memory RAM Health on a PC or Laptop
  3. If the downloaded file is still a zip, please extract (unzip) the file to a special folder so that it is easy to find.
  4. If it has been extracted, please open (double-click) the "imageUSB.exe" file until the MemTest86 settings window appears
  5. In the memtest window, the name of the flash drive that is currently connected to the PC should appear. If it doesn't appear, please unplug and plug the flash drive again then click the > Refresh Drives button.
  6. If the name of the flash used already appears in the application, please select/activate it (check the box next to it).
  7. If it has been selected, please click the button > Write which is in the area below the application.How to Full Test Memory RAM Health on a PC or Laptop
  8. Verification and warning pages will appear 2 times, this appears because the system gives a warning that the flash used will be formatted which causes all the files in it to be lost. Please confirm by clicking the button > Yes and continue until the writing progress process begins. Please wait until the flash format process is complete.
  9. Wait for a notification like "Imaging completed!" to appear. If this notification has appeared, please click the OK button and after that, we can close the Memtest application.
  10. Please close all applications that are currently in use. because we will restart the PC.
  11. If all applications are closed, please restart the PC and go directly to "Booting Options". If you are not familiar with bios settings or boot options, please learn about "How to boot from flashdisk" on Google or YouTube.
  12. Boot options display can be different, depending on the brand and type of motherboard that we use. So don't be too hung up on the display that I gave an example of yes, adjust it to the motherboard you are using, in this example, I use the ASRock brand motherboard.
  13. If you have entered the boot option/menu, please select boot from FlashDisk. In my experience, there are two options for booting from a flash drive, namely USB: SanDisk and UEFI: SanDisk and the correct one is choosing "UEFI: SanDisk (why does it say SanDisk? because in this example I'm using a SanDisk flash drive).How to Full Test Memory RAM Health on a PC or Laptop
  14. If we have chosen to boot from the FlashDisk then at this stage all the testing processes will start automatically, we just need to wait for the results.
  15. Finished. If our RAM is healthy (100% good) then at the end of the test a green "PASS" will appear. If there is a problem with our RAM, at the end of the test a red "FAIL" will appear.
    How to Full Test Memory RAM Health on a PC or Laptop
    If there is a problem (or more) it will shown as FAIL. If it's 100% okay will shown as PASS. 

Tips to save testing time

In my experience, one test of RAM with a capacity of 8 GB takes about 2.5 hours. This means if we have 4 pieces of RAM it takes 4x the time. Please do this trick if during testing an error notification appears.

If during testing an error notification appears (usually using red writing) please immediately stop the testing process (press the >ESC key), no need to wait until the testing process is complete, then turn off the computer.

If you have 4 pieces of RAM please remove 2 pieces of RAM and leave 2 pieces of RAM. Do a retest on the 2 pieces of RAM.

If there are no problems during the testing process, then continue testing with the other 2 pieces of RAM. If the error notification appears again, please immediately stop the testing process and test one of the two RAMs tested, until we find out which RAM is damaged.

Or if you only have 2 pieces of RAM, please test it one by one until you find the damaged RAM.

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There is an error in RAM but how come it can still be used?

This is actually reasonable because technically ram also has a kind of "zoning". For example, our RAM has a problem in zone 8, so if we use the PC and don't use the full RAM capacity, then maybe we won't have any problems because at that time maybe we only use RAM in zones 1-7 only.

But it will be a problem when we use the RAM capacity in full (full 100%). There will be many symptoms that appear such as the freezing screen, the application closes suddenly and even makes the PC shut down / restart.

Hopefully this article on how to fully test RAM memory health on a PC is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below. Keep being a wise user!

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