Why are Old-school Videos are still recommended by YouTube?

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Why are Old-school Videos are still recommended by YouTube?
Why are Old-school Videos are still recommended by YouTube

Yes! It turns out that many are curious why old-school videos are still recommended by Youtube. In fact, videos that were uploaded months or even years ago in terms of quality may be very far when compared to new videos today. Then why are the old videos still often recommended by the youtube system/algorithm?

To be honest, at first, I was hesitant to discuss this 'phenomenon', because maybe only a few were really curious and wanted to know the answer. But after knowing the answer directly from YouTube, I found something interesting and maybe it can be a lesson for us both as viewers and content creators.

Then why are old videos still recommended by Youtube? Youtube's party replied that old/old videos are in fact still in demand and widely watched, with the current youtube system (algorithm), the more often the video is watched, the more often it will be confirmed by the youtube system.

Some of you may often find videos made a few weeks, months, or even years ago still definitely on Youtube. Then why do these videos appear again? how is it different from other old videos?

Why are old-school videos still recommended by Youtube?

regardless of video quality, the current youtube system still refers to numbers. The more videos that are watched, yahoo youtube considers that the video deserves to be 'promoted' by their recommendation system.

This is because the Youtube system (algorithm) is designed to match the type of video that is liked by viewers, regardless of when the video was published.

For example, if you are watching a video of the football match between Chelsea FC vs Manchester United in 2021, the youtube system or algorithm will collect videos related to football, related to Chelsea FC and Manchester United.

From this one example alone, the system already has 3 different types of keywords to recommend for us. Moreover, if we watch some of the latest videos, it is very likely that the system will also take videos in the previous month or year.

Even YouTube's system or algorithm can recommend classic matches from 5 or 10 years ago, the important thing is that it still includes one of the 3 keywords above mentioned.

These old videos will continue to be recommended, there are still many who are 'requested' to open and watch in order to increase watching time (watch time) on each account. The longer you watch, the greater the potential for Youtube revenue from the ads that appear.

When will these old videos disappear?

How long will old videos be recommended? It's not fair to the new videos, which may be in terms of content or quality much better than the old videos. Indeed, when compared in terms of quality, today's videos are indeed much better, but it seems that YouTube has its own view on the 'quality' of this video.

If there are still many viewers on these videos, it's likely that the videos will still be recommended. Until the number of views decreases or until the viewer switches to another definite video. -Youtube

From the statement above, it is very clear that YouTube is still focusing on the results, not the content of the video. If a video still has a lot of viewers, they consider the video worthy for sure, regardless of the content of the video (except videos that violate the rules, yes).

Until there are other videos that get more views (viewers), those old videos will continue to be confirmed.

Opportunity for content creators

At first glance, it is clear that this old-school video recommendation system has a positive impact on video/channel owners. Starting from the number of viewers that continues to grow, it is possible that some of the new viewers have subscribed and are curious about the next videos that will be made.

This can also be used if you are a content creator or Youtuber. Generally, it takes time for a video to be selected or recommended by the youtube system, it could be a few days or even months to appear in the recommendation list.

So if your video doesn't get a lot of views at the beginning of the publication, it doesn't mean your video isn't good or isn't in demand, it might just take time because now you can imagine how many videos are uploaded every day, and every video certainly wants to get a lot of views.

Keep making quality videos because in fact you only need one video that is viral or famous, and in the end from that one video people will also see other videos on your channel and decide whether you deserve to be followed or not.

There are many benefits of this system, especially for the video channel owners. These videos can bring in new viewers, watch other videos on the channel, and can become regular viewers on every new video. -YouTube

But from the results, it is clear that old-school videos are still likely to be recommended because they seem to be still enjoyed by the audience. Until another old video gets more clicks, it will continue to be recommended.

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