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Fixed Error Unchanged Weather on Assetto Corsa
Fixed Error Unchanged Weather on Assetto Corsa

The following is a fixed error unchanged Weather on Assetto Corsa. You've changed the weather to clear but it's still snowing, or vice versa, you've changed the weather to snow but it's still sunny, maybe this is the solution. This problem usually 'feels' for those of you who use the Content Manager application.

How do I fix the weather error that doesn't change in the Assetto Corsa game? The trick is that we only need to change the weather modification section in the Custom Shader Patch section. In my experience, after making these changes, the weather settings immediately returned to normal and according to the settings I wanted.

Previously, if I set the weather to clear the display in the game was snowing, and even though I changed to cloudy and other dry settings, the weather in the game still snowed. It turns out that this is because the game's weather is set to follow the weather/season in its original place.

So if you play the game in December or January, it is very likely that the Assetto Corsa game will continue to snow if you play in an area that has snowy weather (Winter) such as the Silverstone circuit, England.

Fixed Error Unchanged Weather on Assetto Corsa

  1. Please open the Content Manager application for Assetto Corsa
  2. Go to page >Settings
  3. Then open the sub-menu >Custom Shaders Patch
  4. Next, please go to settings >Weather FX
  5. Then, disable or remove the check (Uncheck) in the >Use Seasonal Adjustment options
    Fixed Error Unchanged Weather on Assetto Corsa
  6. Optional (this step is not mandatory). After changing the Seasonal Adjustment section, if you can, please save the settings (Save Preset) just in case the Content Manager does an update or error and suddenly returns to the default settings.
  7. Done. Please try to reopen or play on a circuit that previously had an error in the weather or season display.

In my example, I reopened the Silverstone circuit (which has a snowy/winter season) with Clear weather. In my experience, the weather is already in the settings I want, no longer following the weather in its original place.

Assetto Corsa game still has a lot of fans

Although the Assetto Corsa game has been included in the old game (released in December 2019), until now there are still many players including myself. Although there are already successor games such as Assetto Corsa Competizione, it seems that the Assetto Corsa game itself still has a place in the hearts of driving simulation game fans.

One of the most obvious reasons why this game still has many fans is that many developers are still making content or mods for this Assetto Corsa game. Apart from individual developers, big developers like RSS (RaceSimStudio) are still making a lot of paid content for this AC game, one of which is the 2022 Formula 1 car.

In addition, because the game is old, these AC games as well as their additional content often offer huge discount prices, sometimes even up to 90% off which is well worth a try. And there are many more reasons why the Assetto Corsa game is still very popular, both offline and online.

Hopefully, this article about the fixed error unchanged Weather on Assetto Corsa is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column as usual. Keep being a wise user! Good luck!

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