How to Change Payoneer Account Name Correctly

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How to Change Payoneer Account Name Correctly

How to Change Payoneer Account Name Correctly

The following is how to change the Payoneer account name correctly according to the guidelines from the Payoneer customer service team. The name is a typo, the name does not match the ID card, the middle name is not entered, and there are many other reasons why we have to change the name on the Payoneer account. But is the way we do it right according to the procedure?

There is a name error/typo in the Payoneer account, how do I change it? In short, we need to submit an official name change to Payoneer accompanied by official evidence such as an ID card / Passport. We can't change the name directly on the Payoneer account like editing profiles on social media.

In contrast to social media, Payoneer is a media/website that provides services around finance. Because money is a very sensitive thing, Payoneer also treats us (as a user) like a customer in a bank.

All changes to personal data must go through a formal process such as submission, review, and until finally it is officially approved and changed by Payoneer.

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How to Change Payoneer Account Name Correctly

  1. Please prepare a clear Scan / Photo ID card (make sure all the details of your personal data can be read easily). JPEG file format is preferred.
  2. Please open the following link in your browser: (if the link doesn't open, please let me know in the comments column below)
  3. Next, in the message page please select the language you want to use. If you are not familiar with English conversation, please select your preferred language.
  4. Please enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email that is connected to your Payoneer account.
  5. Then in the topic column, please select the following topic sub-menus: >My Payoneer Account >Change Account Details >I want to change the name on my Payoneer account.
  6. In the question or comment column, please write that you have written the wrong name when registering a Payoneer account and want to change it. Also, write that along with this message you are also sending an official Identity (government-issued ID). An example of writing could be like this: "Hi Payoneer team, I have typed the name wrong when registering a Payoneer account and now I want to change it. Please also check the official identity file (government issued ID) from my country's government in the attachment." basically, we want to propose a name change.
  7. Next, please upload or attach a photo file or scan your ID card by click the "Choose file" button in the Add attachment column and then selecting the ID card file then upload it.
  8. Next, please verify the "I'm not a robot" section then click the >Submit button.
    How to Change Payoneer Account Name Correctly

  9. Done. At this step, you only need to wait for confirmation from Payoneer's side. It can be via email or notification in your Payoneer account.

What if I want to change the name on the Payoneer Prepaid card?

If you have a Payoneer prepaid card and want to change the name written on the card, please also write your full address in the question or comment column in the previous step. Please write your full address below/after you finish explaining that you want to change your name.

Also, write that you want to change the name that is written on the Payoneer Prepaid card then please write down the address in the format below.

  • Street Address Line 1 (limit to 40 characters):
  • Street Address Line 2 (limit to 40 characters):
  • City/State:
  • Country:
  • Zip Code:

Please note that there is a card replacement fee if you want to change your name on the card. The details can be seen in your Payoneer account.

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How long does the name change process take at Payoneer?

The exact time can vary, but for normal applications or services, they usually ask for 1-3 working days (Saturday-Sunday and American public holidays are not included). But sometimes it can take longer, just to be safe, give it 7 working days, and then if there is no response or no answer, please send another email.

If possible, I suggest you also contact Payoneer CS via live chat, because they usually serve faster via live chat. But the drawback is that you have to use English because Payoneer's customer service is worldwide so we have to use an international language (English).

Hopefully, this article on how to change the Payoneer account name correctly is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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