How to Live Streaming YouTube With Nvidia GeForce Experience

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How to Live Streaming YouTube With Nvidia GeForce Experience
How to Live Streaming YouTube With Nvidia GeForce Experience

Here is how to Live Streaming YouTube using Nvidia GeForce Experience. In this way, we can directly stream to YouTube channels without having to use external applications such as OBS, StreamLab, etc.

As the title suggests, this streaming application can only be used by users of graphics cards (VGA) based on NVIDIA, not AMD. For GPU/VGA brands there are no restrictions, the important thing is that the VGA uses NVIDIA such as the GTX or RTX series.

Unlike OBS, this streaming feature from Nvidia is simpler and of course has some modification limitations when compared to streaming applications such as OBS. But if you use a PC or laptop with minimal specifications, then this streaming application from NVIDIA is worth a try.

Before doing live streaming, make sure your VGA has used the latest software/drivers. Please first check the driver settings section then select >Check for updates.

In my experience using this streaming application from Nvidia, it is very light on the use of resources on the PC. When compared to OBS which can use a fairly large CPU and GPU, Nvidia GeForce is not too heavy for a PC when used for streaming.

How to Login to Youtube Account on Nvidia GeForce Experience

Before doing Live streaming, there are several settings that must be completed including logging into the Youtube account that you want to use. If all these settings are complete, then you don't need to log in anymore and can directly stream live.

  1. Open Gmail/Youtube in the browser
  2. Log in to the Gmail/Youtube account that you want to use for streaming via Nvidia
  3. Alt+Z until Nvidia's In-Game Overlay appears. If it doesn't appear, please open the settings in the Nvidia GeForce Experience application and activate IN-GAME OVERLAY in the General settings section.
  4. Please open the menu >Settings (gear icon on the right side of the menu)
  5. Next, please open Settings >Connect. Several streaming applications such as Twitch and Youtube will appear.How to Live Streaming YouTube With Nvidia GeForce Experience
  6. Please select click/select >Login to Youtube. Make sure the YouTube option is really selected.
  7. Click the >Log in button (the button at the top-right). The system will automatically open Google account settings (YouTube) in the browser.
  8. On the Google account page, please select a youtube account/channel that you want to connect to the Nvidia system to stream on that channel.How to Live Streaming YouTube With Nvidia GeForce Experience
  9. The Google system will ask you to give access approval, usually with something like this: "NVIDIA GeForce Experience wants to access your Google Account" Please click the >Allow button.

Finished. If successful, your Youtube account will appear in the Account section in Nvidia's /Overlay settings and is ready to be used to stream instantly from the Nvidia application to the YouTube channel.

How to Live Streaming YouTube With Nvidia GeForce Experience

  1. Please click the Alt + Z button until the Nvidia overlay menu appears.
  2. Then please click on the >LIVE Broadcast
  3. For the first Livestream, I suggest clicking the >Settings section first to set the quality such as Resolution, FPS, and Bitrate of the video for later Live. If you have set the settings section to live, please click the >SAVE button. The system will return to the main overlay page.How to Live Streaming YouTube With Nvidia GeForce Experience
  4. On the main overlay page, please click again on the >LIVE Broadcast section. then select >Start.
  5. In the Destination column, make sure you select the YouTube logo (indicating that you will stream to a channel on Youtube). Also, enter the title you want to use in the Title section. Finally, please set the visibility of the video as Public, Unlisted, or Private in the Audience section.
  6. If all the settings have been filled in, please click the >Go LIVE button. If successful, the Nvidia system will immediately perform live on your YouTube channel. *There may be a few seconds delay, but that's normal.How to Live Streaming YouTube With Nvidia GeForce Experience

Done. Please check a few seconds after clicking the Go LIVE button on your channel, make sure your channel is really live.

How to enable Webcam view to Stream

If you want to add a webcam view to the live stream, please follow the steps below. Make sure the external camera or webcam has been detected on the PC/laptop and can be used normally

  1. Re-enable the Nvidia overlay menu by clicking Ctrl+Z.
  2. please click menu >Settings
  3. Next, please select >HUD layout to open the display settings on the screen.
  4. On the layout page, please select the words "Camera" then in the position section, please select a position to display the camera.
  5. If successful, the camera or webcam view will automatically appear in the stream.

If the webcam or camera view does not appear in the stream, make sure that on the main overlay page, the camera icon (besides the settings button) is not crossed out / disabled. If the camera icon is crossed out, please click on the icon until the strikethrough mark disappears.

Differences Streaming on Nvidia with OBS

If it's explained, it might take a special article, but according to my experience streaming with the Nvidia GeForce Experience, the application is much easier and much lighter than using the OBS application.

If your PC is still using old-school specifications or a potato PC, then the application provided by Nvidia is very mandatory for you to try, especially if you just want to do simple streaming.

In my experience when using the VGA GTX 750 Ti, the experience using the OBS application is very different from Nvidia. In the OBS application, we can make some adjustments and modifications. We can add transition effects, adjust the position of the webcam, add multiple cameras, and many more settings that can be used.

But again, this OBS can be comfortable to use if you use a PC or laptop with medium to high specifications. If the specs are mediocre like what I use, don't expect to be able to use OBS smoothly. For OBS applications alone, it can use almost 50% of the VGA capacity, and even then it has not been used for playing games.

So you can imagine how hard it is to use OBS with a very limited VGA capacity, so I highly recommend this application from Nvidia to try. Whether it's suitable or not comes back to each other's preferences.

Hopefully, this YouTube live streaming method Using Nvidia GeForce for Streaming is useful. If you experience problems, please save your questions in the comments column as usual. Keep being a wise user!

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