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How to Add Gridlines in Premiere Pro Like in Camera
How to Add Gridlines in Premiere Pro Like in Camera

Here's how to add gridlines in Premiere Pro just like on a camera or Smartphone. With this tutorial, we can add lines or grid like in the camera to adjust the composition or balance of the image when editing videos in the Adobe Premiere Pro application.

This feature is very useful for various purposes, especially if you are someone who relies heavily on the concept of the rule of thirds where the placement of an object cannot only rely on instinct or feeling but must have clear guidelines.

For me personally, I often use this line or grid to be a guide or limit when I want to export or create videos that have different sizes from the source or original size on the Premiere pro edit page.

For example, when I am editing a video that is wide such as 16:9 but wants to also make short snapshots with a long size (portrait) with an inverted aspect ratio (9:16) of the same video. So I use the grid feature as a guide so that the part of the video I want really fits into the smaller canvas.

How to Add Gridlines in Premiere Pro Like in Camera

  1. On the "Assembly" page, please click the button/menu >New Item
  2. Next, please select >Transparent Video. A pop-up menu will appear to set the transparent video item to be created, please click the >OK button to match the settings that are being used. If successful, the Transparent Video item will appear in the list of items.
  3. Please enter (drag) the Transparent Video item to the timeline. Make sure it is placed on the top track/layer.
  4. Drag / extend the duration of the transparent video item according to the duration of the video being edited.
    How to Add Gridlines in Premiere Pro Like in Camera
  5. Next, please add the "Grid" effect to the transparent video item. If you are not familiar with adding effects, please click menu >Effects then type in the effect search box "grid", if it appears, please drag or drag the grid effect to the transparent video item created above. If successful on the preview page the line/grid will be visible.
    How to Add Gridlines in Premiere Pro Like in Camera
  6. If the 'grid' effect has been successfully added, please open the "Editing" page menu then look at the "Effect Controls" column.
  7. On the Effect controls page, look for the "Grid" effect. If the video preview page turns black, please change the Blending Mode section to >Normal. If successful the black part will disappear.
  8. For example, now we will set the line to 9 squares like the rule of thirds line in the camera. Please edit the settings as below, in this example I use a resolution of 1920x1080:
    • Anchor: 0.0 - 0.0
    • Size From: Width & Height Sliders
    • Width: 640 (width of resolution (1920) divided by 3)
    • Height: 360 (resolution height (1080) divided by 3)
    • Blending Mode: Normal
    • Other settings are not mandatory, you can set them as you need.
      How to Add Gridlines in Premiere Pro Like in Camera
  9. Done. The settings above are only examples if you want to use the grid rule of thirds, but if you want to use other sizes, please create your own according to your needs.

Pay attention to this before exporting/rendering video

There is one drawback to the grid effect in Premiere Pro, that is, if we directly render or export the video, the lines or grids that we use will join or enter the video export results.

Therefore, before exporting video or rendering video, please deactivate the track output toggle (click the eye icon until it has a line/scribble indicating that the effect/item does not appear on the screen) so that the line or grid that we create does not get exported. or rendered in the final video.

Basically, this grid or guidelines fall into the category of effects in Premiere Pro, so they will be considered as additions in the final video, if not disabled as above.

This is a bit annoying as we know that most editors use this feature as a guide, not as an effect they want to actually appear in the video. Hopefully, in the future, Adobe will provide a way out for this grid feature.

Hopefully, this article on how to add gridlines in Premiere Pro like on the camera is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user! Good luck!

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