How to Transfer PayPal Balance to a Debit or Credit Card - How much is the fee?

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How to Transfer PayPal Balance to a Debit or Credit Card - How much is the fee?

How to Transfer PayPal Balance to a Debit or Credit Card - How much is the fee?

The following is how to transfer PayPal balance to a debit or credit card. Then what is the percentage fee for withdrawing this balance? Is it the same as a withdrawal fee to a local bank? How long does it take to withdraw from Paypal to a Card? Do we need to verify our Nationality ID first? All of them will be discussed in this article.

How to transfer a PayPal balance to a debit or credit card is actually quite easy. We only need to add our card data in our PayPal account, then we can use the fund's transfer feature and choose the card as the transfer destination or a place to receive balances from PayPal. For details, please read the steps below.

After all the steps have been completed, then we just wait for the money to arrive, in my experience, the money comes in very quickly, it can also be said to be instant because in less than 2 minutes the money I sent from PayPal had arrived my debit card.

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Difference between a debit card and a credit card 

Before proceeding to the steps for withdrawing money from PayPal to your card, for those who don't know, there are 2 types of cards that we can use in PayPal, there are debit card and credit card. For debit itself, it is not much different from the type of ATM card in conventional banks, we will get a debit card physically and can also use it at ATM machines to withdraw the money physically.

In debit cards, we need to load the money first to the card/bank account to be able to use the card in an online transaction. For credit cards we don't need to add the money first, we can use the card for transactions with the money from the bank but at the end of the month, we need to pay the bill as agreed. 

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How to Transfer PayPal Balance to a Debit or Credit Card

  1. Log in to your PayPal account as usual and go to the main page of your PayPal account.
  2. On the main PayPal account page, please click the button > Link a Card or Bank. If you have added your card please skip the steps to add a Card.
  3. Next, please select > Link a Credit Card. Wait for the card registration page to appear.
  4. Please enter your debit or credit card data in the fields that appear such as Card number, Card type, Expiration date, Security code (3 secret numbers on the back of the card), and Billing address (your home address), etc. (if any).
  5. If everything has been filled in, please check again, if you are sure everything is correct, please click the button > Link card.
    How to Transfer PayPal Balance to a Debit or Credit Card - How much is the fee?

  6. Please open your credit card transaction, if successful, PayPal will withdraw about 2 USD from the balance from your card, make sure the balance is sufficient (if you use a debit card). In the transaction details, a 4-digit code will also be sent which will later be used for card verification in the PayPal account.
  7. Please re-open your PayPal account and open the card details, there will be an option for card verification, please enter the 4-digit code above and confirm the card. If the card addition process is complete, the balance withdrawn by PayPal will be returned to the card.
  8. If you have successfully added a card, then please return to the main page of your PayPal account then click the > Transfer Funds button
  9. Please > Select the card that you have connected above then click the > Next button. If successful, the Transfer amount page will appear.
  10. On the transfer amount page, please enter the nominal balance or money you want to transfer (withdraw) to your card then click the > Next button. The Review your transfer page will appear.
  11. On this Review page, please re-check the data you entered and the nominal money you withdraw. On this page it will also be shown how much money we will receive in the local currency (if any), and also how much transfer fee you have to pay. If you are sure with all the data, please click the button > Transfer (nominal) Now.
    How to Transfer PayPal Balance to a Debit or Credit Card - How much is the fee?

  12. Wait a few moments until the notification "You transferred (amount of money)" appears. Next, please click the > Done button.

Finished. If all the steps are successful on the dashboard page you will see the latest balance (after transfer) and in the Recent activity section, you will see the transfer data to the Jenius e-Card complete with the amount transferred.

How much does it cost to withdraw from PayPal to a Card?

You can see the full list of PayPal Fees to your country you can see this PayPal's official regulations link. For example, in this article, I withdrew the funds to my card in Indonesian Currency (IDR). Withdrawals or transfers from PayPal balance to credit/debit cards in Indonesia will be charged a fee of IDR 46.000 (forty-six thousand rupiahs). This fee is "Fixed Fee" where regardless of the amount of balance we withdraw, a transfer fee of 46 thousand rupiahs will be charged for each withdrawal.

This transfer fee will be taken from the balance to be withdrawn, so if you withdraw a balance from PayPal worth 1 million rupiahs, then you will receive IDR 954.000, not a full 1 million rupiah. because of the one million, a transfer fee of IDR 46.000 rupiahs was taken.

Unlike transfers to local banks, for withdrawal of funds from PayPal to a Local Bank account there is no charge (free) if the nominal withdrawal is more than IDR 1.500.000 (one million five hundred thousand rupiahs). If the transfer is less than IDR 1.500.000, a fee of IDR 16.000 (sixteen thousand rupiahs) will be charged.

How long does it take to withdraw PayPal to Jenius?

Officially on the PayPal website page, it is notified that the withdrawal process from PayPal to a credit/debit card can take (estimated) up to 7 working days. Because it says "working days", Saturdays, Sundays, and American national holidays are not counted. So if we make a withdrawal on Saturday, the count of the withdrawal process will start on Monday.

In my experience, the withdrawal process from PayPal to my debit card is very fast, practically instant. After I finished the withdrawal process on my PayPal account, one minute later I checked the balance in my card account, the money had already been there and was in accordance with the nominal shown on the PayPal page.

So not all withdrawal processes have to wait 7 days to arrive because in my experience the process is actually instant. But if at any time you make a withdrawal and don't enter immediately after one day, don't assume the transaction has failed, because there is an estimated time of 7 working days above.

However, if after 7 working days the money or balance has not arrived on your card, I suggest that you immediately contact PayPal or your card company to request an update on the status of the transaction you made.

Why do I choose to transfer to a card, not to a local bank

If you look at the nominal fee, maybe a bank transfer is more recommended because the difference is quite huge, especially if we make a withdrawal above the minimum limit, then we will not be charged at all or free. If you withdraw funds to a card, you will be charged the same fee, regardless of the nominal amount.

I chose to withdraw to my card because at that time I needed the money immediately so I had to make sure it arrive soon. At that time I had not linked my local bank in my PayPal account.

Usually, if we add a new account to a foreign account, we have to go through several steps, especially if it requires a verification process, of course, it will take more time. And at that time, my debit card was already connected to my PayPal account, so I chose my card as a priority.

I was actually a little surprised myself when I found out how much the fee had to be paid, but under the conditions at that time, when the money was urgently needed, I considered it as a "rush fee", it was also treated when the money arrived very quickly.

For normal circumstances, I make sure that withdrawing funds to a local bank account is recommended, especially if the amount is not that much, the slightest discount will be felt. haha

Does my PayPal account need ID verification?

As of this writing, I can still make money withdrawals without having to send a photo of my National ID for verification. In contrast to the Payoneer service, which requires users to upload a photo ID for verification before the transaction.

So if you want to make a transaction via PayPal, what is needed is still standard, an email and a phone number for verification. In addition, only additional data to complete the user profile.

How to Top Up PayPal from Card Balance?

Actually, after we have successfully connected the card to our PayPal account, we can immediately use the balance on the card for transactions via our PayPal account. When transacting, if there is not enough balance in your PayPal account, the system will automatically withdraw money from the balance on your card.

Hopefully, this tutorial on how to transfer PayPal balance to Jenius eCard is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user! #beWiseUser!

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