How to Access All Traffics CCTV in Bandung LIVE

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How to Access All Traffics CCTV in Bandung LIVE
How to Access All CCTV Traffics in Bandung LIVE

Here is how to access all traffic CCTV in Bandung live (LIVE). With this tutorial, we can access or monitor all public CCTV cameras provided by the Bandung Transportation Agency (Dephub), especially monitoring traffic conditions or public facilities such as terminals, markets, and other public locations.

How to see all CCTV in Bandung live. First, make sure the cellphone/computer has an internet connection, then in our browser open the ATCS website page of the Department of Transportation which provides access to CCTV cameras, and finally select which CCTV camera we want to monitor directly (Live).

It should be remembered, this tutorial on how to access CCTV cameras in the Bandung area is specifically for cameras that are intended or opened to the public, not for access to CCTV in other people's private homes. :D

With access to CCTV ATCS (Area Traffic Control System) Dishub Bandung, we as a community will be greatly helped, especially if we are going to drive to certain areas in the City or Regency of Bandung. By monitoring the flow of traffic directly, we can avoid the location of the traffic jam that is currently happening.

How to Access All Traffics CCTV in Bandung LIVE

  1. First, please open a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) on your smartphone or laptop
  2. Please open the following ATCS Dishub Bandung website page:
  3. Please scroll down until you find a list of available CCTV cameras
  4. Select the CCTV camera you want to access or enter the name of the location you want to monitor in the search field. You can also choose CCTV from the map/map on this page, please click the balloon icon on the map.
  5. If successful, the video player window will open. Please click the Play button (arrow icon to the right). Wait a few moments until the live CCTV camera display opens on the screen.
  6. If you want to see another location, please close the video player and select another location as above.

An alternative way to watch all CCTV in Bandung (live)

If the ATCS Dishub Bandung page cannot be opened, please use the method below as an alternative. However, the drawback is that this method can only be used to access CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) in Bandung City, not to Bandung Regency.

Although only in the Bandung City area, the number of CCTVs that can be accessed via the Protector website below is more than the number of CCTVs on the ATCS Dishub Bandung website. So there will be more information that can be seen.

  1. First please open the browser
  2. Next, open the following PELINDUNG website (Traffic Monitor - Bandung City)
  3. Please select the CCTV location you want to open either from the map page or from the CCTV list on this protective website page.
  4. If successful, the website will open the player automatically and the CCTV display will appear.
  5. Please select another location to monitor live traffic

List of CCTV that can be accessed on the ATCS Dishub Bandung website

  • CCTV Gedebage
  • CCTV Buahbatu
  • CCTV Batununggal
  • CCTV Moch. Toha
  • CCTV Inhopteng
  • CCTV Cibaduyut
  • CCTV Kopo
  • CCTV Pasar Caringin
  • CCTV Pasir Koja
  • CCTV Cibeureum
  • CCTV Jamika
  • CCTV Gardujati
  • CCTV Otista
  • CCTV Tamblong
  • CCTV S Lima
  • CCTV Gudang Utara
  • CCTV A Yani Laswi
  • CCTV A Yani Supratman
  • CCTV Tol Pasteur
  • CCTV Pasir Kaliki
  • CCTV Cipaganti
  • CCTV Cihampelas
  • CCTV Tamansari
  • CCTV Cikapayang
  • CCTV Sulanjana
  • CCTV Merdeka Juanda
  • CCTV Cilamaya
  • CCTV Telkom
  • CCTV Pahlawan
  • CCTV Trunojoyo
  • CCTV Banda
  • CCTV Lombok
  • CCTV Cihapit
  • CCTV Aceh
  • CCTV Anggrek
  • CCTV Cikutra
  • CCTV Cimuncang
  • CCTV Padasuka
  • CCTV Cicaheum
  • CCTV Ujung Berung
  • CCTV Ruas Trunojoyo - Banda (Depan Limijati)
  • CCTV Ruas banda - Trunojoyo (Depan The Crown)
  • CCTV Ruas Banda - Istiqomah (Seberang TarBak/Kejaksaan)
  • CCTV Ruas Istiqomah - Banda (Depan BRI)
  • CCTV Ruas Istiqomah - Cihapit (Seberang Pengadilan Negeri)
  • CCTV Ruas Taman Pramuka - Cihapit (Depan Gourmet)
  • CCTV Ruas Cihapit Taman Pramuka (Seberang BJB/LIA)
  • CCTV Ruas Anggrek (Depan Disparbud)
  • CCTV Ruas Sudirman - Gardujati
  • CCTV Malabar - Gatot Subroto
  • CCTV Lingkar - Gatsu
  • CCTV Lingkar - Talaga Bodas
  • CCTV Lingkar - Martanegara
  • CCTV Lingkar Buah Batu
  • CCTV Lingkar - Sriwijaya
  • CCTV Lingkar - M Ramdan
  • CCTV BKR - M Toha
  • CCTV BKR - Otista
  • CCTV Istana Plaza - Pajajaran

List of CCTV that can be accessed on the PELINDUNG website (Traffic Monitoring - Bandung City)

  • CCTV Pusdai 1
  • CCTV Pusdai 2
  • CCTV Ahmad Yani St.
  • CCTV Terminal Dago
  • CCTV Seberang Pasar Baru
  • CCTV Alun - alun Bandung 1
  • CCTV Alun - alun Bandung 2
  • CCTV Surya Sumantri 1 St.
  • CCTV Surya Sumantri 2 St.
  • CCTV Ciateul
  • CCTV Asia Afrika BRI Tower 1 St.
  • CCTV Asia Afrika BRI Tower 2 St.
  • CCTV Katamso
  • CCTV Terminal Dago
  • CCTV Jakarta HKBP
  • CCTV Katamso - Pahlawan
  • CCTV Kebon Kopi Cimahi
  • CCTV Kebon Kopi Bandung
  • CCTV Kiara Condong 1
  • CCTV Kiara Condong 2
  • CCTV Waas Batununggal St.
  • CCTV Cicendo Kb. Kawung 1
  • CCTV Cicendo Kb. Kawung 2
  • CCTV Taman Sari - WS 1
  • CCTV Taman Sari - WS 2
  • CCTV Surapati - Gasibu St.
  • CCTV Yani - Laswi
  • CCTV Depan Toko Indra 1
  • CCTV Depan Toko Indra 2
  • CCTV Katamso
  • CCTV Cihapit St.
  • CCTV Taman Pramuka
  • CCTV CIgadung St.
  • CCTV Kebon Kawung
  • CCTV Pasar Kosambi
  • CCTV Cihapit St.
  • CCTV Cicadas - Gateway
  • CCTV Kebon Kawung - Paskal
  • CCTV Cicendo - Kb. Kawung
  • CCTV Simpang Braga
  • CCTV Jalaprang
  • CCTV Cigadung St.
  • CCTV Balaikota 1
  • CCTV Balaikota 2
  • CCTV M Toha BKR
  • CCTV Pagarsih St.
  • CCTV Rumah Sakit 1 St.
  • CCTV Rumah Sakit 2 St.
  • CCTV Raya Kopo Citarip St.
  • CCTV Sukamulya St.
  • CCTV Trs. Pasirkoja St.
  • CCTV Cikutra St.
  • CCTV Cibaduyut St.
  • CCTV A. H. Nasution Cikadut St.
  • CCTV Cikutra Barat St.
  • CCTV PETA Leuwi Panjang St.
  • CCTV Ibrahim Adjie St.
  • CCTV Gede Bage Selatan Jl. Derwati St.
  • CCTV Cingised St.
  • CCTV Terusan Jakarta - Superindo St.
  • CCTV Sudirman St.

Make sure the internet connection is stable and the internet quota is sufficient

As we know, generally watching videos online requires more bandwidth or internet quota. Not much different from watching Youtube, watching CCTV live also requires a fairly large internet quota.

Also make sure the internet connection you are using is stable, which means the speed doesn't change drastically and suddenly. Playing videos live or online requires a stable internet connection.

If the internet context is unstable, the CCTV video display will stutter or repeat the previous video because it is waiting for the new show to finish downloading.

In addition, if you use a smartphone, make sure it has a pretty large battery, if the battery on the cellphone is already in a critical state (below 10 percent) it will usually affect the streaming quality.

Hopefully, this tutorial on how to see all CCTV in Bandung live is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user!

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