How to contact Payoneer Customer Service and Get A Reply

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How to contact Payoneer Customer Service and Get A Reply
How to contact Payoneer Customer Service and Get A Reply

The following is how to contact Payoneer customer service and get a reply for them. The methods below are my experience in communicating or contacting customer service or Payoneer CS about my Payoneer account problems ranging from account problems to transactions problems, hope it helps.

Basically, how to contact Payoneer customer service to get a reply is actually very easy, we only need to open the customer care page provided by Payoneer then we can choose communication media such as email, live chat, or telephone.

There are 3 ways to contact Payoneer CS, Email, Live Chat, and Phone. All three have their respective advantages, depending on whether our needs are urgent or not. For example, if we are being chased by time but there are transactions that are on hold, it is better via live chat or email. On the other hand, if our business is not pressed for time, we can use an email service to make it more organized and tidy.

Please choose one of the 3 ways below to contact customer care or Payoneer customer service for a quick reply.

How to Contact Payoneer Live Chat

  1. Prepare your account data such as email, phone number, ID card, etc. (Usually will be asked at the beginning of the conversation for account verification). Prepare an English dictionary or translator if you are not fluent in English.
  2. Next, please open the following link in a new tab: If successful, you will be asked to log in first to your Payoneer account. Please click the "Login" button. If successful, the system will automatically open the Payoneer login page, please log in as usual.
  3. After successfully logging in, the system will automatically return to the live chat page. Please select a category in the "Please select a category" column according to the problem you want to discuss.
  4. In the column below, it will be automatically filled according to the category/problem you choose. You can change the words in this column if necessary to make a more specific subject/title according to your problem. If so, please click the button > Submit.
  5. If successful, the system will automatically open a new popup tab that is directly connected to one of Payoneer's customer services. Please wait until CS Payoneer actively greets you and the chat column opens.
  6. For the initial conversation, usually, CS will ask about your Payoneer account details for account verification, then you can express your problem to the CS directly.

This Live Chat feature or facility is not always online, it says "Monday-Friday: 1:00am - 19:00pm EST". So, if you are in a different country, make sure you have converted the clock before contacting them via live chat.

How to Contact Payoneer Email

  1. First, please log in to your Payoneer account in the browser as usual
  2. Open a new tab then please open the following link: If successful, the contact customer care display will appear with the default contact view via email.
  3. Please fill in the available fields such as Language, Email (used in Payoneer accounts), Topic, and the content of the message you want to convey, don't forget to upload/attach supporting documents in the attachment section so that the CS who receives our message has complete data.
  4. If you are sure with all the data and messages are written, please click the button > Submit.
  5. Done. Please allow 3-5 working days to get a reply from CS Payoneer. If there is no reply after 5 working days, please contact CS Payoneer again via other channels such as Live Chat or Phone.

Remember, the count is "working days", so Saturday - Sunday and national holidays (America) don't count.

We can send this message via Email anytime, 24/7 Because whenever we send this message/email it will still be received by the Payoneer system and enter the Payoneer CS inbox and they can open it when they are online or at work.

How to Contact Payoneer Customer Service (via Phone Call)

  1. Prepare your account data such as email, phone number, ID card, etc. (Usually will be asked at the beginning of the conversation for account verification). Prepare an English dictionary or translator if you are not fluent in English.
  2. It says there is a free call fee, but it seems like callers from abroad like us will still be charged for roaming credit, so make sure the cell phone has enough credit.
  3. Please open a browser and log in to your Payoneer account as usual.
  4. Next, please open the following link in a new tab: If successful, you will see a customer care display that contains a list of countries that you can choose from.
  5. Because there is no Indonesia (my country of origin) in the list of countries, so please select > Outside the U.S. If successful, a description or data of a telephone number that can be contacted will appear. When I opened it the following was the phone number: +1-646-658-3695.
  6. Please contact the number listed on the page, if it is connected, please follow the instructions from CS Payoneer then please state the problem or problem you want to discuss.

Like the Live Chat feature, CS via the telephone cannot be contacted all the time, it says "Monday-Saturday: 3:00am - 3:00am EST" If I convert to my local time (Indonesia, WIB) then the opening hours / online Live Chat this is between 14:00 PM - 14:00 AM (24 Hours) every Monday - Saturday. So make sure you also convert the clock to your local time before calling them.

When contacting customer care is it mandatory to use English?

For conversations via email, you can still use Indonesian (language options are available). However, for other conversation features such as Live Chat and Telephone, it is still mandatory to use English.

Although Payoneer accepts registrations from other non-English speaking countries such as Indonesia, it does not guarantee that they will provide support in the local language. Evidently, currently, only a few languages ​​are supported by Payoneer and mainly they use English.

Why? Because at this time it seems that Payoneer's service users are still considered few and have not become a market priority. So it's only natural that they still don't provide CS services in Indonesian.

When registering for Payoneer, we are also required to use the English format, so there is no reason we can't speak English. Please use Google Translate or other translation tools so that we can communicate smoothly with Payoneer customer service.

Choose which method is suitable for my problem?

For account problems or account data that are not pressed for time, I recommend using email first, the email path can be sent at any time, without online time. Then, if 3 days there is no reply, please use the live chat feature.

So during the live chat later, we can provide the complaint number that we got when sending an email as a reference if the customer service we contacted didn't know the problem.

Personally, I often use the live chat feature to solve some problems or obstacles in my Payoneer account, lastly, I used it to verify my ID card because at that time the system did not accept my photo ID because it was considered expired even though currently all ID cards are for life. After about 15 minutes of communication, finally, my ID card was accepted.

For a feature phone like this, it's a last resort and especially for things that are very important and require fast turnaround times. Because using telephone media will drain credit and we are also required to speak English fluently because the conversation is direct.

Hopefully, this article on how to contact Payoneer customer service is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user!

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