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How to Quickly Add Emoji in Windows PC in Any App
How to Quickly Add Emoji in Windows PC in Any Apps

Here's a quick way to add emoji in Windows while writing or typing in any app. This way you can immediately add or display emojis or emoticons while typing in any application on your Windows computer or laptop.

How to quickly add emojis in Windows 10 and 11 in all apps is very easy. We only need to press the Windows key and the period at the same time until a menu containing emojis appears, then select the emoji you want to add to writing or typing.

This way of displaying emoticons can be applied almost (I haven't tested all of them) in all applications or programs that provide typing/keyboard features on a Windows computer or laptop. For example, when we write comments on YouTube, we can directly add emojis without having to use the menu in the YouTube application.

This method can be applied on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer or laptop. I haven't tried it on Windows 7 but just tried it because it's very easy. And also make sure you use the latest firmware or windows update so you can use the latest features from Microsoft.

Other applications that I have tried (and succeeded in) adding emojis while typing include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), Notepad, and Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.). For other applications, I haven't tried it, but the principle is that all programs or applications that support keyboard input generally can use this method.

How to Quickly Add Emoji in Windows in All Apps

  1. Make sure you are actively typing (the cursor is in the typing media)
  2. Press the Windows key and the period (.) (dot/dot/period) at the same time (Windows + . ), if successful, an emoji popup box will appear as shown above.
  3. Next, please select or click the emoji you want to use or add in the writing/typed column.
  4. If you are finished using emojis, please click in any area (outside the emoji column) and the emoji box will disappear/close automatically.

Can't find the emoji you want?

Several times I've also experienced that the emoji I want isn't there. Usually, this is because I did not open or did not select a category first, by default the emoji page will open the category or group of emojis that are often used.

The first way to find the right emoji is to use the search feature by pressing/clicking on the search symbol (the magnifying sign) and then typing the emoji you're looking for. The disadvantage of this first method is that we have to know the name of the emoji or at least the words related to the emoji in English. If not, please use the second method below.

First, make sure you open the category or group of emojis that you want to use, just like on a smartphone or an application on a cellphone. To open a group or category of emojis please select the box next to the "search" symbol or search (magnifying glass symbol).

How to Quickly Add Emoji in Windows PC in Any Apps

The following categories/groups of emojis are available on Windows

  • Most recently used
  • Smiley faces and animals
  • People
  • Celebrations and Objects
  • Food and Plants
  • Transportation and Places
  • Symbols

What if the selected emoji are not identical when used?

In some applications, the emoji that we select or insert into the text sometimes is not very similar to those displayed in the emoji box. This is very reasonable because each application has its own 'translation' program or process.

For example in the Notepad application, in the emoji column, everything has a color or color, but when we add it to writing in a notepad, the emoji or emoticon will not have a color, even just a black line. This is very normal because the notepad application is designed to focus on writing only to minimize file size.

If we copy-paste the emoji in a notepad to another application (which supports colored emoji), the pasted emoji will automatically be colored as they appear in Windows.

Likewise, other applications such as on the WhatsApp website and YouTube, both have some differences in visualizing some emojis, some are more colorful, have more details, etc.

What if the emoji box doesn't appear?

  • Make sure you are using software or Windows with the latest updates.
  • Make sure the cursor is in an active typing state (the sign of the cursor in an active typing state is that it can bring up words or numbers from the keyboard)
  • Please try it in the Microsoft Word or Notepad application first, if in the Word/Notepad application an emoji box appears, then the application you are using does not support this instant emoji feature.
  • Keep in mind that this is an alternative to Windows, you can still use the add emoji feature of each application. Please use the add emoji feature of the application you are using.
  • Use the copy-paste method. Please type or enter emoji in the word/notepad application then copy/cut and paste it in the application or text field that you want to add emoji/emoticons. If it cannot be pasted, it means that the application does not support this instant emoji feature.

This method is a new facility or feature from Windows, in my observation this feature is aimed more at Windows default applications or programs that do not have the feature of adding emojis. So if you are more comfortable using emojis from the default application (not from Windows) then just continue, after all, this is just an additional feature.

But in my experience, this feature is very useful when I upload and create video titles on YouTube and when commenting in cyberspace, I no longer need to go back and forth to the emoji menu because using this method is much faster and feels more "seamless" if you use it. compared to having to open the emoji menu first with the mouse.

Hopefully, this article on how to quickly add emojis in Windows 10 and 11 is useful, if you have any questions, please save them in the comments column below as usual. Keep being a wise user!

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