How to Delete WhatsApp Status Before it Expires Automatically

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How to Delete WhatsApp Status Before it Expires Automatically
How to Delete WhatsApp Status Before it Expires Automatically

The following is how to delete WhatsApp status before 24 hours. Accidentally updated status on WA or WhatsApp, you have changed your mind and wanted to delete the WhatsApp status that had already been uploaded before it automatically disappeared for 24 hours. Then how to delete WhatsApp status before it disappears automatically for 24 hours.

How to delete WhatsApp status before 24 hours? First, you have to open the status section in the WhatsApp application then open the status list that we have created in the "My Status" section then we just have to choose which status we want to delete.

This WhatsApp status deletion feature is indeed provided by the official WhatsApp for users who continue to make statuses or accidentally update status such as pressing, selecting the wrong image, writing the wrong link/caption, etc. So please use this feature as best you can so that other people are not disturbed if we make a typo or make the wrong status on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp status will disappear automatically after 24 hours of posting

For those who don't know, WhatsApp status that has been published or uploaded will automatically disappear/be deleted after 24 hours of posting. So if we update the status at 7 am on January 5, then the status will disappear at 7 am on January 6.

So if any of our friends/contacts on WhatsApp open the status page at 8 am on January 6th, then they won't be able to see the WhatsApp status we've created. If there are friends on WhatsApp who open the status page at 6 am on January 6, then they will still be able to see the WhatsApp status we made.

Then how to make WA status disappear before the 24-hour period runs out? For example, we want to delete the WhatsApp status that we created an hour ago because the photo has not been edited or the writing is wrong. For a tutorial on deleting WhatsApp status before 24 hours, please follow the steps below.

How to Delete WhatsApp Status Before it Expires Automatically

  1. On the main page of the WhatsApp application, please swipe the screen to the left or open the STATUS page
  2. In the My status column, please click the menu button (three dots lined up horizontally). If true, the My status page will open and there we can see all the statuses we've posted in the last 24 hours.
  3. Please find the status you want to delete. On the status you want to delete, please click the menu button (three vertically aligned dots on the right side of the screen). If true, a popup menu will appear
  4. On the popup menu, please select Delete. The app will ask for confirmation like "Delete 1 status update?". Please click the Delete button again as a final confirmation to delete.How to Delete WhatsApp Status Before it Expires Automatically
  5. If there is, please select another status that you want to delete in the same way above. Done

Can the deleted WA status be seen again?

Wa status that has been deleted can no longer be seen, except before it is uploaded, it is stored in the internal memory. For example, if we crop a photo during the upload process (before clicking post), the edited (cropped) photo will no longer be visible. However, the original photo will still be there because the position of the original photo is already stored in the gallery as usual.

Therefore, if you don't want to bother editing anymore, you should edit photos outside the WhatsApp application so that the results will still be stored in the HP gallery both on internal memory and external memory.

So first make sure that you are sure you want to delete the status because the deleted WhatsApp status cannot be canceled (cannot be returned to the status page).

What if other people have already seen our WhatsApp status before it was deleted?

If other people have already seen our status update, it can't be avoided because physically they have seen it with their own eyes. Then what is the function of this WhatsApp delete status?

Deleting WhatsApp status before 24 hours is to minimize or reduce the number of users who can see our status. Because basically, after we update the status on WhatsApp or upload the status, it is 'permanent' and cannot be withdrawn anymore. So what can be done is to delete it before more people see the status.

The status has been deleted but how come others can still see it?

Although it's not legally possible, under certain conditions some users can still see the WhatsApp status that we have deleted. This can be due to several factors, one of which is due to connection problems or delayed system updates from applications.

Delayed connection problems are often also seen in the WhatsApp group chat column. We certainly often find one or several group members who respond to chats that have been around for a long time, this is due to internet connection problems on their respective devices or phones.

The same thing can happen on the status update page on WhatsApp, sometimes other people can still see the WhatsApp status that has been more than 24 hours due to unstable connection reasons or delays.

Is it possible that deleted contacts can still see our WhatsApp status?

Not. Contacts that we have deleted will not be able to see the WhatsApp status we created. Unless we delete the contact after we create a status. In the time span from when we upload until we delete the contact, we can still see our status updates. Except the contact didn't have time to open the status page.

So it's better to use the filter feature to select or choose who can see our status updates on WhatsApp. Or you can also use the "exception" filter, so we can choose for that status to be seen by all contacts EXCEPT the contacts we choose.

To use this filter feature, please follow the steps below.

  1. On the main WhatsApp page, please swipe left or select the STATUS tab.
  2. On the status page, please click the menu button in the upper-right corner
  3. Please select the Privacy status menu
  4. Next please select the filter mode between My contacts, My contacts except..., or Only share with...
  5. If you have selected the filter mode, please select the contact you want (or don't want) to share with your WhatsApp status update.
  6. If you have finished selecting contacts, please click the checklist button. then click the Done button.

How can we block other people's WhatsApp status?

There is no special way to filter other people's WhatsApp status like in other apps. what we can do is delete the contact from our phone. Until now, there is no feature of WhatsApp that can filter other people's WhatsApp statuses so they don't appear on our wall/status page.

Unlike the filter for WhatsApp status that we created, we can't create a filter for other people's WA status so that it doesn't appear on our status page. The only thing we can do is delete the contact from the contact list on WhatsApp, that way we will no longer be able to see their WhatsApp status, and vice versa, they can't see the WhatsApp status we created.

Hopefully, this tutorial on how to delete WhatsApp status before 24 is useful. If you have any questions, please save them in the comments column as usual. Keep being a wise user!

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